How To Care For Elderly Relatives And SHTF

 How Do You Care For Elderly Relatives when the SHTF. 

Bug out or bug can be a problem to able bodied preppers, but How Do You Care For Elderly Relatives when the SHTF. What if they are ill or have dementia? Or maybe they are very weak and physically unable?

Make The Right Decision 

The process of making the right decision could turn out to be something that effects your whole bug out plan.

Planning is the key to all successful prepping and taking care of your elderly relative who may be weak or suffer from dementia makes planning even more important.

How do you do it? How do you ensure that everyone gets a fair chance of survival?

Will You Be Subjecting Them To Unnecessary Hardship And Squalor?

It's all well and good bugging out when your fit and healthy, but try it when your physically worn out, ill or suffering from mental issues.
It would be a very different story then.

It is incredibly difficult to put yourself in their shoes and try to imagine what they are going through, especially with mental issues like dementia.
Do you even know the various mental conditions that commonly exist with the older generation, conditions like what is Dementia or Alzheimers?
Two nasty little age related conditions that will add stress to an already tense situation.

As Always, Make A  Plan 

Nothing will set you up for failure like failing to plan. So having a good all round plan of action for your elderly relatives is an essential part of surviving a bug in or bugging out scenario.
Make provisions for who will do what, and if your elderly relatives has experience and can contribute to the overall plan, then definitely include them.

It is far better for them to contribute and feel that they are part of the 'team' as you will focus their mind on doing something for the group.

The tasks may be very straightforward and quite simple, but they will be adding something to everyone's overall survival, plus giving them a sense of worth within the group.

You Have Experience At Your Side

Another very important point to remember is the fact that many of our elderly generation have been through very hard times before.

Veterans of the world war and the London blitz survived the very hard times that a bug out would be like.
They have experience, skills and knowledge having already gone through a SHTF situation for years on end.
Try to use this knowledge for the benefit of your whole bugging out plan.

Do not disregard you elderly folks, they could well be your means to survival.
If they do have issues, then work around them, and learn about those issues and how to best cope.

I have found a good resource for elderly mental issues here: Care For Elderly Citizens.

Steve Hart  -  UK Preppers Guide

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