How To Make Survival Food

How To Make Survival Food

  As a prepper it is mighty important to have as many skills under your belts as you possibly can and being able to survive and make food with very few ingredients is vital.

After all, your going to need all the skills you can if the SHTF, then when it does you must be self sufficient and capable of turning your hand at everything.

cooking bannock bread over open fire

Bannock Bread Cooked Over The Campfire

 If you already have a store of survival foods that's good - but remember, its essential and very necessary to build your stored food supplies to their max. Even a basic one month food store is a good starting point.

But some foods just wont keep and that's where being self sufficient, knowledgeable and skilled at other task comes in.

Bread Is Mainstay Food

It it highly unlikely that anyone will be able to get their hands on any bread supplies in any disaster situation, even a short term disaster will reduce this food to zero.

Your only option would be to make your own bread using whatever you have in you cupboards.
But, lets be honest here - how many 'normal' people actually know how to make a loaf of bread?

Empty Shelves Of Bread

The older generation may have a bit of a clue, but certainly not the youngsters - they think the only way to get their food is by opening up an app on their smartphone and ordering it for delivery.!

In reality there's precious few people knowledgeable enough. Even amongst the survival community, this type of subject rarely comes up.
Why? Because it's quite boring I suppose!

What Can You Do To Survive?

Below are instructions and also a link to my YouTube channel survival cooking videos where I cook various foods and bake some survival bread using only three ingredients.

These are you three main ingredients, but you can always spice things up a bit by adding other different ingredients as well.

Flour, Dried Milk Powder & Sugar

I often add cinnamon or raisins to the mix for extra flavour.
I have also added pineapple in small pieces, which is surprisingly nice.  

For some real extra flavour I have also stabbed a few small holes in the mix as it's cooking and added a drop of rum..!

  • All these ingredients can be mixed and easily stored and portion controlled in separate vacuum sealed packets ready for use.
    They will not spoil if stored in a cool, dark store and will give a minimum two year shelf life.
  • Using a vacuum sealer will enable you to make up several batches and keep them stored away ready for use or ready for your next hiking/camping trip.

    The big advantage to vacuum packing into small amounts means easier storage and very light weight [especially for hiking].

    Another reason for storing in smaller batches is just in case they were ever to get damaged or spoiled - that way you don't have a whole load ruined in one go.

    A vacuum sealer is a must for prepping and will save you a lot of money in the long term.
    More prepping equipment information here.

    Bushcrafters & Survivalist Have A Name For This Food:

    Bannock flat-bread is unleavened bread and can be traced back to before the 19th century and is primary from a Northern English and Scottish origin.
    The word 'Bannock' actually comes from the method used to cook the bread - using a 'bannock stain or stone'.

    The dough would then be flattened and placed on the stone to be baked in the fire. The name Bannock Flat Bread was used from then on.

    This type of food is a firm favourite with anyone involved in hiking and bushcrafting, undoubtedly due to its simplicity and versatility in the field, and with it you can create some amazingly tasty flat bread loafs

    At this point I have to say there are dozens of different Bannock Flat Bread recipes.
    Some go by other names but they are basically the same, giving the same end result.

    These are my tried and tested favourites and never let me down.

    I'm even going to share my very 'secret' ingredients to give you the tastiest survival bread ever..!

    This is how I mix the three core ingredients: 
    3 parts - flour
    2 parts - milk powder
    1 part - sugar

    View Full The Video On YouTube Here;
    How To Make Bannock Survival Bread


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