Is Prepping Good Enough To Survive A SHTF Disaster

Is Prepping Good Enough To Survive A SHTF Disaster

"There are some simple facts that preppers seem to block out from their overall plan. 
Ignoring these facts is a road to sure fire problems in the future".

Most of us have the bases covered when it comes to basic survival. we have food and water supplies, a means to cook food, and a means to keep warm during the winter months.
Some basic sanitation and medication, as well as preparations for the more nasty disaster effects like fallout and contamination.
But very few of us have enough..

Are Your Food Supplies Adequate?

Squirrelling away food supplies is actually one of the easiest parts of prepping for a disaster or SHTF situation.
We can all do that with relative ease, requiring no skills at all other than checking the use-by date and storing correctly.

Even if you only have limited storage space you can still amass quite a reasonable amount of stored foods, easily enough for a couple of months.

This, in itself, may be enough to see you through a disaster and keep you alive until a form of normality resumes.

Prepping for short term disaster is very important, and as research shows us: Surviving the first 30 days of a disaster, give you a 90% better chance of overall survival.

Do You Have Enough Safe Drinking Water?

Short term water storage is pretty much a gimme, and one months supply is well within every preppers grasp.
But, as storing water uses so much space, most people will be looking toward using a safe and reliable method of water filter to be able to clean any old dirty water that's available.

Storing Medication And First Aid Supplies

This is where things get a little more difficult for your average prepper.
Most medicines have a very short shelf life, and, it is very difficult to get your hands on a long term supply.
The most I have managed is a three month supply, and that was by telling my doctor I was going away for an extended holiday.

Over the counter medicines are essential items to stock up and store, and fortunately they do not take up much space.

Even more essential are anti-biotics - these will be in very high demand, but are also very difficult to get over the counter. 
There is an way to getting your hands on a decent supply, and your pet shop will provide the answer...!

These Top Three Essential Supplies

It is guaranteed that the above, top three essential life saving supplies will run out quickly. Then what do you do?
Your food supply will only last as long as you can manage it - do you only eat half rations, expecting the disaster to go on longer. Or do you merrily chomp away through your supply as if nothing matters?

Regardless of your strategy, it will run out at some point - then what do you do? This leaves the question, is prepping good enough to survive a SHTF disaster?
Well, the answer is simple - No of course its not.
Prepping alone cannot sustain your long term survival, you must have other means.

How Can Preppers Last Longer In A SHTF Situation?

There is an old saying - "All the gear, no idea". This has never been more correct when applied to prepping for a SHTF disaster scenario.
We are so hung up on having kit, that we lose track of of the real needs in a survival situation.

Simple skills like how to light a fire in wet conditions. If all your 'special' fire lighting kit has been used up, lost or stolen, what you going to do?
Do you have that skill to produce a fire from natural materials, especially if your someone who has made the decision to bug out and escape to the countryside, away from the masses?

Essentially you don't even need any fancy fire lighting kit, just the knowledge of the various methods used in the wild.

Hunker Down And Bug In

Hunkering down in your home is always a good starting point, and to my way of thinking, one of the best and safest solutions to a SHTF situation.
You home is familiar and your safety bubble, and while everyone else is panicking, trying to find food, water and medication, you are operating comfortably below their radar.

In your own home you have everything you need to survive that SHTF disaster, and depending on how much you have prepared, will generally determine how long you can survive.

The limiting factor is your safety, as before long there will conditions that mean making the decision to bugout may become a very real one.

The problem with bugging out is the fact that you will be making yourself a homeless refugee, and possibly putting yourself in a worse situation than before...

What Happens When The Food Runs Out?

Now you have no choice but to bug out, live rough and live off your wits. This is where the whole idea of 'all the gear, no idea' comes from. If your hoping to just 'wing it', then in real honesty, your not going to last five minutes.


You have to learn bushcraft and survival skills along with your normal prepping routine. 

Ask yourself this question:
With limited equipment, could you keep yourself safe, and survive if you really had to bugout?

I'm sure you'd say yes. You could stay safe and survive - but for how long?
You can only carry so much, and once that's gone, then what?

You simply must learn bushcraft skills to ensure long term survival.
Learn how to hunt, to fish and to safely cook your food. Learn about wild edibles and foraging.

Go out and do some hiking, and see how long you can stay out. Test yourself and see what you can actually do...!

So Now's A Good Time To Ask,
"Is Prepping Good Enough To Survive A SHTF Disaster"

An interesting article, designed to make you think.

Thinking longer term will make you reconsider what skills you need to catch up on.

Steve Hart 

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    • Gary on May 30, 2020 at 7:34 pm
    • Reply

    I have prepped for long term on the principle of worst case senario. Should that senario become a reality I will be in a very remote place with my kit knowledge and health being the only separation between life and death. I consider myself lucky in a sense that for the past 45 years I have been prepping, largely without knowing it. Growing up in the sticks I have covered a lot of rural crafts, many of which would have their roles in long term survival. Having worked for decades with wood, especially carving, forms one of my key skill when relliant on natural materials.
    I find this such a great site. It’s always a good thing having preppers review and rate equipment, rather than read reviews in the mainstream market place by people highly rating items that don’t last 5 minutes.

    • Graham on July 24, 2019 at 10:01 am
    • Reply

    Time and time again we see people survive SHTF situations through ingenuity and not through possession of equipment. I know from personal experience in the outdoors that the more experienced I become the less equipment I require or desire (in fact I have sold loads on ebay and kept the minimum). There is a huge industry based on selling the right equipment – or the best – for outdoor activity and survival. yes, it is nice to have the best but realistically often a “basic” version will do. I still have a small hand axe I bought as a teenager in a junk store – it has been used loads and is definitely lighter than it used to be but even at the rate I grind it, there will still be some left when I die – it was sufficient and very cheap.

    The important thing is to gain experience and learn to think “outside the box” not get hung up on gaining stuff.

    • Nige Webb on October 25, 2018 at 2:33 pm
    • Reply

    are there any bush craft weekend’s or anything around in the Rhondda Cynon Taff, South Wales area for starter’s?



    • lonewolf on October 16, 2018 at 11:13 am
    • Reply

    skills and knowledge will last longer than any stored food supply.
    your stored food should be used to SUPPLEMENT your diet when you cannot get fresh, or when its not safe to go outdoors, its not supposed to be instead of.

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