Key Ring Survival Kit

Small Time Prepping
With A Key Ring Survival Kit

As part of any EDC or a preppers emergency kit, there's one item is often overlooked - and, as part of your survival kit, it’s probably the easiest to carry around and have with you all the time.

survival key ring

The Key Ring Survival Kit

With modern technology and manufacturing methods, miniaturisation has become the standard practice and that now applies to survival equipment too – lightweight equipment and tools have made survival a lot easier than the olden days.

But one item that is often overlooked is the survival kit on a key ring – not just your door key, but a comprehensive miniature survival kit.

survival key ring

There really are some amazing little pieces of equipment that are ideal for the everyday prepper to carry at all times.

They are very well made, ultra compact and reliable enough for serious prepper use.

From compact night glow stick to ultra sharp pocket knives that all clip onto a standard key ring, there is a huge choice of emergency kit available to us preppers.

One of the best parts is they are very cheap – quite often below £5 per item – so lets have a look at what’s on offer..

Tool Kits And Essentials

This miniture multi-tool has 20 functions and will clip safely onto your main carabiner.

Made from black coated 420 grade stainless steel with gold titanium coated stainless steel tool disc.

Clicks into set positions giving you:
Phillips Driver bits, Nail Cleaner, Eyeglass Screwdriver, razor sharp Cutter and Wire Stripper. It also includes File, medium and large flat screwdrivers, Bottle opener, Measure, Box Opener, Pry Bar, Bicycle spoke wrench and 5 Spanner sizes! from black coated 420 grade stainless steel with gold titanium coated stainless steel tool disc.

Other Multi-tools

Multi-tools, pliers, adjustable wrench
they are all available for your key ring survival kit

All these Multi-tools fit onto a key ring survival kit

Next: Important Survival Gear

There are certain items that will help you out of a dangerous situation and make life easier.
If we refer back to the top survival skills:
Water | Fire | Personal Medication
You can have these covered easily with a key ring survival kit

Knives and Cutting Tools

Even a small knife is better than no knife in a survival situation.
These key ring knives are still very solid and strong, and more than capable of doing most smaller cutting jobs.

Security Items

Keep essential items safe and fixed to your belt carabiner all the time.
Keys are always with you, so why not double up on their function?
Here are some clever add-ons to a normal bunch of keys - 

Utility KeyTool

  • 8 tools wrapped around your key taking up no room in your pocket
  • Made from 420 stainless steel
  • Tools include, tweezers, nail file, large, medium and eye glass screwdrivers, thread cutter, finger nail cleaner and bottle opener
  • Key acts as leverage and handle for the bottle opener
  • L 50mm x W 20mm

All these 'little' survival tools work perfectly well and take up minimum amounts of room.

They can be carried as the perfect EDC - well worth considering.

Happy Prepping Folks.


Steve Hart UK Preppers Guide

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