Portable Folding Wood Burning Camp Stove Review

Portable Folding Camp Stove Review | BRS - 116

In this gear review I am looking at the BRS-116 Potable Folding Camp Stove.

This cooking stove has an interesting design and concept for outdoor survival in so much as it incorporates a forced draft air system.

Essentially what that means is no more puffing and blowing on your fire to make it burn..!

That idea alone was what attracted me to review this camping cooker.​

The BRS-116 Camp Stove
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What Is A forced Draft Stove?

We've all done it - on your hands and knees blowing away merrily onto a fire to get it back to life or blowing to get it roaring away hotter.

Out of breath and eyes full of smoke - it's almost a bushcraft tradition.!!​

This little camp stove eliminates all that fuss.​

Here's the lowdown on the setup and operation of the BSR-116 camp stove.

This little camp stove comes complete with is own fan blower unit that is neatly designed and fits on the side of the main cook stove body.

The blower unit is powered by 2 AA batteries and has its own on/off switch.​

The fan unit then allows you to control a draft of air that blows into the main stove/furnace body.

Varying amounts of air can be controlled by opening or closing a shutter which allows for more or less air to enter the fan unit.

Essentially​ it could easily be argued that this type of equipment is not suitable prepping gear.

It has far to many parts that could fail or go wrong.
Plus is requires batteries.

To that extent, I totally agree, but from a simple to use perspective, it's a great little stove that works very well, and gives great control and ease of use.
Far more than the normal huff n puff way.

I personally find stinging eyes, filled with smoke, quite unpleasant, and have tried various other methods to reduce this.

My most effective to date has been using a simple lightweight alloy arrow shaft and blowing through that - at least it get me a bit further away.!

Below is my test and review video of this stove.  You will see that I have substituted the supplied battery pack with my own solar power bank as I carry this with me all the time.
My solar power bank works very well at recharging all of my gear and reduces the  need for batteries.

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BRS 116
Portable Camp Stove​

Steve Hart UK Prepper

As a 'controllable' natural fuel stove this BRS camp cooker is probably the best I have seen.  You get the ability to control the flame and heat temperature instantly.  You can bring a smouldering fire back to life easily and slow down the burn rate with a flick of a switch.

I really dislike stinging, smoke filled eyes​.  I think most of us do.  So using this BRS stove was a an absolute pleasure.  It over performed in all tests.


Since this video test review I had 'upgraded' my camp kit to make this stove even more better.  The photos below show my fire starting method, and from there I just add twigs.

Makeup pads soaked in oil + fire fuel starter (crumbled up) + charcoal brickette.  This setup weighs next to nothing and this not only enables me to start the fire, but, by using a charcoal brickette, I can maintain a small constant heat / ember source.
Meaning I can allow the fire to go down, but simply add some sticks and set the fan on high.  This brings the fire back to life and you able to cook again.
Simply control and make life so much easier if you just want a quick brew..!!

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