Prepping For SHTF Essential Plans

Prepping For SHTF 

Making a plan is exactly what prepping is all about, as is preparing for the worse case scenarios that may well happen to you, specifically in your area.
This is an overall look at some of the essential things you must consider, and make them part of your bug out plan BEFORE the SHTF.

If the SHTF then you could well find yourself in a pretty serious situation already. Your life will be anything but normal and you will already be taking some dramatic measures to simply keep alive.
You whole life will be turned 180 and immediate action must be taken

Essentially everything you know will be different and once society has collapsed it will be no good thinking about preparing then!

The actual cause is of no consequence now, regardless of what has brought society down, whether natural disasters, flood, city-wide riots, terrorism, global financial collapse, power blackouts, or military takeover.
SHTF has happened and your either prepared or your not.....

This article is food for thought
focusing on what important areas of prepping need to be considered pre SHTF:​

Prepping For SHTF

1: You Must Establish Your Bug Out Plan

Let's assume a standard scenario: The S has Hit The Fan - and you are now forced to leave your home for whatever reason.
What exactly are you going to do?
Do you actually have a specific plan and know exactly where you're going? Or, for that matter, how you're going to get there?
Have you even considered the simple fact that you may need to have a bug out plan?

Some folks haven't..!​ They plan on bugging in and hunkering down, seeing the whole thing through and letting it all pass over them.

Well, if your one of those 'bug in' people, then you're really not doing this prepping lark correctly.! ​

Seriously now, what do you think your going to do when a bunch of the 'bad guys' comes marching down your road​?
Point at them and say shooo, go away you naughty people...!!!
They'll be in your home, feet up, chowing on your supplies before you can say, 'BUT I'M A PREPPER',

So without further ado, get your head around the fact that bugging in and hunkering down is only a small part of the overall plan.

Yes, by all means make it your 1st choice, but be very clear, there is an equally good chance that you will BE FORCED TO bug out at some time.​

That is a simple prepping fact, end of.​

So don't bury your head up your backside - ​the chances of being forced to bug out are very real. Bugging out means you effectively make yourself a homeless refugee, and unless you plan for it, that's exactly what you'll become.

2. Bugging Out?  Right, What's Your Plan?

To some extent, the same principles apply to the 'I'm Bugging Out' brigade. Preppers who soul purpose is to run away and make tracks asap.

Bugging out will be a very major decision when the SHTF.​
Too soon and you risk leaving a house full of goodies to everyone and their dog - Too late and you risk problems actually making a successful bug  out..!

Timing is key to a successful bugout and just when you leave your home is critical.

But the fact still remains, it is far better to stay exactly where you are​, you know your surroundings, your area, even the neighbors and people around the streets should be familial.
At home your in the best position to access threats and watch as the SHTF unfolds.

Some scenarios dictate you must stay put - ​not enough information, confusion, gridlocked roads.
All these and more make bugging in the first choice.

So make these facts part of your plan - expect confusion, expect gridlock, expect your pans to change, then plan for that.​

So your staying put, hunkering down and bugging in when it starts to get real:​

Now's the time to to ensure you have plenty of provisions, tools and equipment to do just that, at least until you are forced to bug out.
You home is your shelter, but have you made provisions for extra fortification and protections?
Your going to need a water store if the taps run dry, and a decent water filter or two to ward of any nasties that could quite easily get into the supply if no ones attending the water pump stations.
Food is really all the only other essential to keep you alive, so a good store of edible foods is essential.

But what about personal medication?
If you need certain drugs to keep you going and keep you alive, you must have a good stash of those as well, it may not be a priority for some folk, but if they are your life savers, you have to stock up.
And here's heating, light, cooking, sanitation, communication. All these things need to be considered and planned for.

Then add to your bugging in plan the very real chance that you will need to actually bug out at some point, and plan for that scenario too.

3. Keep Under The Radar

Everyone needs to know how to behave:

Essentially you will be a very small fish in a very big pond and quite insignificant to most people. You want to keep it that way.

So make provisions to 'lay low' when the SHTF and go off the radar, this is essential to your survival.

If you must venture out, blend in, become the grey man and go with the flow, do not attract attention and bring it back to you home.

If really necessary take precautions to reduce you thermal image in delicate areas where you may be being watched or under surveillance by the powers that be..​

You need to establish a communication plan ​to ensure privacy between family members or any others in your group. Everyone must observe OSPEC and everyone must have a defense level plan.

4. Go It Alone OR Build a team

Now is the time to be thinking about the big picture - do I stay under the radar and be a lone wolfe, surviving without the help of others, or is it really better to build up a team of like minded friends and associates?

Well, it depends very much on how well you have managed to keep things under wraps thus far.
Who actually knows your prepping?

Do you tell everyone the moment you meet them? Do you boast about how much food and supplies you have stashed in your home and how long you can survive if the SHTF?

If you have, then the idea of being the lone wolfe and hunkering down under the radar is probably not going to work.

In fact the opposite will happen - people will remember you and make you the center of attention when disaster strikes. The next thing you know you'll have everyone in your neighborhood banging on your door expecting you to feed them...!!

Personally I have a good supply of everything and run this website - so in theory I must be a prime target.
But my food and equipment supply is not at my home - it's at my bugout location, which is, indeed a house, but not my obvious, easy to find house.
I have planned for the possibility of someone stalking me for my supplies and taken action to ensure there is very little chance of being compromised.
Think about that for a while - you should do the same.

If you blatantly go around telling people your a prepper and indicating you have food and equipment at you home , you then make yourself a prime target and certainly wont be alone for long.

I actually tell very few people about my prepping - besides that, don't automatically think people are interested anyway - most will think your a nutty..!!​

If you do decide to team up with others, then they must have the same mindset as yourself, and have something to offer that will combine and increase your overall skillset.​

Remember, it is not up to you to convince others that they need to prep​.

5. What about the neighbors?

SHTF is not exclusively about you. It will effect you and everyone around you, and that includes friends, relatives and neighbors. 

These other people will still be around you, and it's very possible you will have to confront them. So how are you going to behave?​
You may be real good friends with your neighbors and your kids may go to the same school and do clubs together. So how are you going to cope with a SHTF situation, where you have plenty of food, water and supplies, and have planned diligently to survive, but they continued to stick their head firmly in the sand and do nothing? 

Have you thought about that scenario?
Will you invite them in with open arms?

Yes or No? It's a big decision, after all, the SHTF situation may not last for ever.​ In a month things might be getting better and your neighbors are still there.

Think this kind of decision through very carefully - you may regret it in the long run.​

Steve Hart UK Prepper

These 5 unassuming points above are really very serious topics, and if left unplanned will compromise your whole prepping regime.

Study each one and see how it fits in with your prepping thus far - have you planned AND made decisions how your going to ​approach each one?

Prepping itself is a massive subject​, but having a good idea of how you intend reacting to the various scenarios that you'll be faced with is very essential to you survival.

Happy Prepping Folks,​


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