Prepping The Best Family Hobby Ever

Prepping - The Best Family Hobby Ever

Prepping, for a lot of people, starts of as a tiny spark of your conscience  telling you that just maybe you should have a few 'back up' items in your home, just in case.

You might see a few disturbing things on the TV and wonder, could they happen here?

That's where your prepping bug starts and  you unconsciously make the decision to start prepping.....

Without doubt prepping is one of the most diversified and enjoyable hobbies you could ever have, and compared to most other hobbies it is the least expensive.

Least expensive because your doing it for a reason and everything has a use and a purpose.

Compare prepping to other hobbies and you will see how much more beneficial it really is. Not only to you, but to your family and others as well.

The best way to look at a pastime or hobby is to compare it with another hobby that takes up your time and, of course, your money.

The Number 1 Question To Ask Yourself - WILL MY 'HOBBY' KEEP ME ALIVE'..?

For sure, yes, there are a few hobbies that will keep you alive, with the first one that comes to mind being a martial art or self defence.

Well, I cover that subject in several articles here - Self Defence - but what if the situation or disaster doesn't require you to fight back?

Or maybe your hobby is cooking and making food. Another good hobby to have, but that's not much use if you can't procure, butcher and cook your own food in the wild.
I have a series of articles to help you -  here's a basic survival food guide - but there's many more.

Then there's the totally non connected hobbies that some people follow. Golf, for instance, will not really benefit you or your family apart from a bit of exercise.

It's a lovely game, but that's it. A game, returning no real survival skills whatsoever.

You go for a nice walk, in most cases, zig zagging your way around the course and inevitably get annoyed at not being able to whack a little ball in the right direction.

No other 'hobby' comes close to prepping when you consider how vast a subject it really is, and the rewards you get from doing it,

By getting your whole family involved you are also able to 'spread the load' of prepping responsibility and enable each family member to learn and eventually specialize in a particular survival skill.

The only real problem is the fact that prepping is such a vast subject, with so many areas that need covering.

That's why its so interesting.....

Below is just a tiny snippet of what you can enjoy with a prepping hobby

    • bushcraft knowledge
    • tracking
    • stalking & hunting
    • cooking & preserving
    • fire making
    • money management
    • food storage
    • food preserving
    • alternative energy
    • off grid living
    • self defence
    • medical emergencies
    • planning skills
    • bug out management
    • shooting / hunting

On this site alone there's hundreds of pages of information on prepping, but that's only scratching the surface.

Every single bit of survival kit needs to be researched and purchased and then you have to learn how it works, how to use it, and you have to actually go out and use it.
Along with all the other prepping and survival equipment in your kit.

Prepping broken down into it's component parts on this site.

Your new hobby will take a natural move and become a comfortable, enjoyable hobby, that may well save your life one day.

It is also very possible to 'specialize' in certain topics of prepping and become a real expert. especially if you find something you enjoy and excel at.

I have seen many people diversify there prepping skills into a particular survival area and become very proficient at it, so much so that others are learning from them.

And it all started out as a little hobby....!

No money is wasted.

When it comes to money, it's very rarely wasted with prepping.
Everything you buy will have a purpose and a job to do that will help you in the long run to survive easier and more comfortably.

Your prepping hobby will enable you to gain survival knowledge from around the world that can be put to use right here by you and your family.

Skills learned in food preparation, storage and cooking give you a huge advantage over others who simply plod on oblivious to the 'what ifs' that are just around the corner, waiting to happen.

Having a well stocked preppers food storage means always having a backup of food should something unforeseen happen.

This doesn't mean a major disaster and could even be a personal disaster like loosing your job.

At least you have prepped and stored provisions that will see you through until a new job is found.

Everyone benefits from prepping

Unlike other hobbies which inevitably leave out some member of the family, prepping does the opposite.

Even the youngest children can be involved.

Children love the outside and survival is all about giving them that chance to learn new skills that will stay with them for life.

There are survival and bushcraft courses all over the UK and what can be better than enjoying learning new skills with your kids.

Throughout the year there are weekend and long holiday weekend breaks where like minded preppers and survival enthusiasts get together in amazing settings and enjoy everything to do with bushcraft and survival.
here's a list: weekend events

But aren't those preppers weirdo's..?

man and cat wearing foil hats

What is a prepper - here's more.

Your average prepper is most definitely not some tin hat wearing weirdo, sitting their waiting for aliens or zombies to attack!

In fact, most preppers are very down to earth and humble folk, simply beavering away under the radar building up their equipment, stores and knowledge.

Every prepper I have ever met has been extremely low key about their prepping.
But once you dig a bit deeper you soon find a wealth of knowledge and information from some very down to earth people.

Prepping with your family really is a great hobby to have and once your hooked, the skills you learn will be invaluable to you should something actually happen in the future. 

So there you are:
Prepping, the best family hobby ever.
If you cant find something to interest you about prepping, that makes you want to get up and go.
Then there's defiantly no hope for you..!

Happy Prepping Folks.


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