Should You Be Prepping for life

Should You Be Prepping For Life?

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Guest Article By: The Prickly Prepper

Thought I would add my two peneth and write this article for all those people out there that insist on saying I’m mad and wasting my time being a prepper.

I don’t go around telling everyone you must be prepared. You must stock up with loads of gear and be ready for anything. In fact I hardly tell anyone that I’m a prepper. I quietly get on with it.

Prepping is about looking after yourself and your family, as  simple as that really.

We’re not splitting the atom, it’s not complicated, we are just looking after ourselves and family.

I have enough gear to keep us off grid and hunkered down for about 2-3 month. 

It has taken me a long while to do this. Financially it’s not something most people can do in one hit.

The few people who do know about my prepping say it’s a useless waste of time yet when we had the fuel problems here in the UK, a few years back, they were the first to queue up for hours to get a tank of petrol and the one’s who raided the supermarket to stock up – Just In Case..!!!!

I could of rubbed it in an said ‘what if it had lasted for more than a week or a month and so on, but I didn’t. They managed ok – for the few days it went on, but moaned and had to think a bit more about travel and using what was in the fridge a bit more sensibly.

Meanwhile I carried on as if nothing had happened – while the hoards of people emptied my local Asda.

In fact I deliberately went down to my local superstore, which happens to be Asda.

Just as I had expected! I saw what the effect of a simple fuel dispute could do:

No bread, No milk, No fresh vegetables, No ready meals, Frozen foods empty and of course no fuel……

so to all those non preppers out there who still think I’m mad – think again.

I’m prepping for life, and so should you.

Thanks for listening… The Prickley Prepper

Steve Hart UK Prepper
Thoroughly agree with everything you say there Prickly Prepper, and thanks for the article..
Wholesale panic buying by the good old British public - it's a sight to behold!
But what happens when it ends? Absolutely nothing. We need to learn from these little events and prepare for the bigger picture when the SHTF.
Happy Prepping Folks, Steve

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1 comment

    • An on June 29, 2020 at 9:09 am
    • Reply

    Hi, I think it’s really really dangerous that you’re telling your friends and other people that you’re a prepper and have valuable supplies in an emergency. When the emergency comes… whose house are they going to come to? Also you may see another side to ‘friendly neighbours’ or friends when it comes to survival! If a person’s children are dying of starvation then they may do anything to get food for them and they’ll know you have the supplies they need!!! By posting your photo, you’re advertising that your house has supplies and you could be a target for desperate people. I’d remove your photo From the website if I were you!!
    I may start prepping soon for my family and I.
    I am Christian and believe in the Bible. The bible says that there is a 7 year tribulation to come so I’ll be prepping for 7 years. See ‘mark of the beast’ if you’re interested.
    Thank you for your website and I wish you all the best.
    God Bless you

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