Simple Safe Water Purification

Simple Safe Water Purification Methods For Preppers

Water is life - simple as that really. Unless your super human, lasting much more than three days without water spells death, and a quite unpleasant one at that. So what is one of the best and easiest ways to achieve Safe Water Purification?

There are plenty of water filter systems out here to choose from today.

Some cheap and some down right expensive and complicated.
But all will achieve very similar results, and that is, give you clean, safe drinking water from a dirty, contaminated water source.

If your really stuck and have nothing to hand, then there's always a very basic, 'bushcraft style' home made water filter to give you a basic level of filtration and remove some of the contaminates, like the one shown here, 

basic water filter system

Basic survival water filter

There are water filter bottles that will give you excellent results with the ability to filter dirty water and remove 99.999% of nasty contaminates.

These range from a quite compact sports bottle size, right up to complex filter and pre-filter set-ups. 
Their only main drawback is their size, other than that I highly recommend the water filter bottles systems.
In fact, I would say they are a must have for any prepper.  
There's a list of filter bottles and article with video reviews I have done at the bottom of this article.

However, is is not always possible or practicable to carry a filter bottle with you, although, again from a prepping point of view, I would say ALWAYS carry a filter bottle with you regardless!

So what are the simple, safe water purification methods for preppers
that eliminate the need for a water filter bottle? 

Whenever possible I would always try to filter out as much debris and unwanted contaminants as possible and then boil my water if it is in any way suspect.

Just quite 'how' you pre-filter your water depends on your particular survival situation.

In a full on 'run away to the woods' scenario you can always rely on good old mother nature to help you out, as shown in this info-graphic below:

Remember, pre-filtering is just taking out the larger debris and a few contaminates - it is highly unlikely you will be left with clean, safe to drink water.
However, by pre-filtering you are greatly reducing the biological contaminates that have attached themselves to the debris. 

Boiling Water - The Rolling Boil

Boiling is pretty standard stuff when out hiking and is very effective.
Bring the water to a rolling boil and continue to boil for one minute (minimum) - this method and boil time is described and recommended in a very good article from U.S. Center For Disease Control & Prevention.

However, when you are boiling contaminated water it has to remain above 80C (176F) for 3 minutes, this is to ensure you are killing all pathogens that harm humans

A rolling boil for 3 minutes

There are, of course, varying views on the actual amount of boil time needed, and if you have a limited amount of water you don't want to be wasting it by over boiling and having it just evaporate away now do you..!

Filtering and Boiling are, in effect, your first line of defence against ingesting anything nasty, but it does have it's drawbacks:
Namely, you need to build a fire first, which in itself could be a problem.

If you have set-up a safe area where having a fire presents little or no problems, then go ahead and boil away merrily... 

Give some thought to water procurement first

In any survival situation the last thing you want is to be injured or unwell. By drinking contaminated water you run a very high risk of ingesting toxins and pathogens that will cause you to develop a very upset stomach, leading to sickness and diarrhoea. 

Always try to find a water source that looks clear and clean and free from any obvious floating debris.

A running stream will be your best bet, especially a stream where the water passes over rocks and stones, these will act as a natural course filter.

Take your water from just below the surface where it is flowing freely but has no debris on the surface.

I would always avoid ponds or water sources that are still with now water flow where possible.

The simplest and easiest way to purify water 'on the go'.

When it comes to pure convenience or your in a situation where you simply cannot stop and build a fire to boil water, there is really only one solution.

I use the water purification tablets to ensure clean drinking water is safely available to me every time.

There are lots of advantages to the water purification tablets, especially for us preppers.

Firstly, they do the job - one tablet will give you one litre of safe drinking water. Just one, and when you consider these are small tablets, its easy to carry enough for 50 litres in just one pack that's smaller than an iphone.!

I would always pre-filter any water first, even pouring through a bandanna will reduce the amount of debris that goes into your glass, before adding a purifying tablet.

Once you have added a purifying tablet you have to wait 30 minutes for the process to clean the water before its safe to drink.

It's a very straightforward process and ideal for any emergency prepping.

These type of Water Purification Tablets will kill bacteria, bacterial spores, cysts, algae, fungi, protozoa and viruses.
By killing the water-borne organisms they prevent the causes of stomach disorders such as diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid etc

Download the full PDF specifications for the Oasis Tablets here:

When you add a tablet to your water container (1 litre), the tablet dissolves and releases a measured dose of hypochlorous acid (free available chlorine).
Hypochlorous Acid is universally recognised as a safe and effective water disinfectant.

One thing to remember when treating your water with a purification tablet like the Oasis Purification Tablets shown here is:  All water to be treated should, ideally, be clear of turbidity and also free from colour or staining if at all possible.

The more organic matter and/or sediment to be found within the water to be treated, means there's a higher chance that bacteria, viruses and cysts will be able to “hide away” from the chlorine disinfectant.

So this just shows the importance of pre-filtering ANY water before boiling, filtering or using a purification tablet.

I always keep a good supply of these water purification tablets and distribute between my EDC & Bug Out Bag, as well as having a good stash in my home.
The best part is they are very cheap, have a good shelf life and they do the job very easily.

A definite 'must have' as a backup water treatment method for us preppers.

Happy Prepping Folks.


Want to know more? Checkout all my water related articles here.

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