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A good Bug Out Bag must be designed to carry all the essential Survival Equipment for one person for a minimum of 72 hours. Every essential item you will need if you have to bug out fast.

Ideal capacity is 50 ltrs or above, separated into several main compartments with side storage and the ability to add more if required and strapping for gear if needed. It needs to be comfortable and fit well, especially if your plan is to go on foot.



There are, of course, a whole load of survival rucksacks and equipment out there in the market today - and with modern technology and material design they are getting lighter and better each year - each trying to pinch their particular part of the survival market.

But generally, as preppers, we tend to keep to the tried and tested 'old school' equipment that we know works and works well. So I have tried to keep to the basics of what is considered better prepping equipment -

What are the main types of "rucksacks' that will give you the Best Bug Out Bag...

FRAMES - a framed bug out bag is considered a good choice for comfort and weight distribution - some framed bags even have a suspension system to make carrying them even more comfortable ( but these are generally not ideal as a bug out bag)

  • INTERNAL FRAME - internal frames are less obvious and sewn into the bag therefore protected by the bag material. Generally an internal frame will allow for a lower centre of gravity so the bag can sit lower down your back and be a more comfortable carry position.
  • EXTERNAL FRAME - an external frame generally give more suspension to the pack but add more bulk and due to their makeup add more weight too. The exterior of the frame can be used to add additional items to and lash equipment to as well.
  • FRAME SHEETS -  frame sheets are an independent fixing system that will hold your bug out bag - a sort of mid way point really, offering a lighter weight but lower suspension system than the external frame.

* Whether you buy a Non Frame or Framed Rucksack for your Bug Out Bag is purely a matter of personal choice. It's whatever you are the most comfortable with that counts.



molle bug out bagGenerally, lots of smaller pockets are better than one big bag, although we all pack in the order we think we will need gear, it's always good if you can get to as much kit as possible, when you need it, without disturbing the rest.

I always go for a bag that has compartments and pockets where everything can be kept separate but accessible. The MOlle system allows for many add on pockets which I think is something to consider when choosing your ideal bag.

I do tend to keep my stuff in its own little box or bag and this method makes life so much easier for planning the contents, positioning, weight distribution and balance.  


Essentially, a suitcase on your back, it's a matter of personal choice as to what suits your requirements and what is comfortable for you.. Most preppers will build up to having a couple of Bug Out Bags.


I have four bug out bags that I have tried and used over the years - each has some good points and also some bad points - I am still looking for the perfect one that suits me..!bug out bag open

One tip I always pass on to anyone buying a new rucksack / BOB is try not be too over enthusiastic.

It's all to easy to get carried away with the size [volume] of the bag thinking you can get everything, including the kitchen sink, into it.

Packed sensibly, with the correct survival equipment you will be surprised how small and compact you can actually make a survival kit.

Remember, only take what you can carry on your back.....




  • MOLLE -  MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment

this is a variation of the PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder Systems)
and was designed and created to replace the ALICE pack. Essentially, a very simple idea of webbing belts that go across the width of the back pack - these straps add very little to the overall weight but do allow for many different compatible pouches and other items to be attached to the main pack - there are many survival knives that use the molle system on there sheath.



ALICE - All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment,  this type of system allows for additional pouches and other storage packs to be added to the main pack. Generally, the Alice style bag has been superseded by MOLLE style, although the ALICE packs are still very widely available to the civilian population for extremely cheap prices, as military surplus.

ALICE packs are available so cheap, and they are so rugged that they are arguably the most gear for your cash you can get. They make for an excellent choice to start with and build your first BOB with.



  • SURVIVAL RUCKSACK orange rucksack

There are a huge choice of general survival / camping / hiking rucksacks and, again, it just boils down to what you feel comfortable with.

But generally, these type of rucksack just lack the requirements of a decent bug out bag and worse of all, the vast majority are some bright orange or yellow colour thats a total no no when it comes to keeping a low profile..




Below is just a quick glimpse and small comparison of a few potential survival / bug out bags - just to give you an idea of the differences between a few 

*use the column arrows within the headers to help you choose from sizes, weight, price etc

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