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Best Survival And Bushcraft Reference Book For Preppers | The SAS Handbook

SA soldier face in camo

Best Survival And BushcraftReference Book For Preppers​The SAS Survival Guide by John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman is one of those books that requires very little introduction. In fact just about everyone I know who is involved with prepping, survival or bushcraft will know the name.In this review I will cover why I think that every prepper should …

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What Is The Problem With Prepping

What Is The Problem With PreppingThe main problem with prepping and preppers themselves, is we always overthink things We are, in effect, our own worse enemy, creating wants and needs for as many disaster scenarios as we can. Whether a man-made disaster, or a disaster that is out of our control, we overthink them and analyse …

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What Is A Go Bag | What Equipment Do I Need In My GoBag

What is A Go Bag?What Equipment Do I Need In My GoBag?When it comes to prepping and surviving a disaster or emergency situation, us preppers have got it covered.At least when it comes to survival equipment anyway.We have a good number of pre-packed, ready to go, fully equipped rucksacks just waiting for their time to …

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Best Survival Tin For Preppers What’s In Your kit

Best Survival Tin For Preppers  What’s In Your Tin?The good old fashioned survival tin is an often overlooked piece of prepping kit. The reason:  it’s not straight forward and requires a bit of thinking and bushcraft skill to make it work for you.But what is actually involved with making yourself the Best Survival Tin For …

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How To Remove And Prevent Tick Bites in Humans

insect bite ticks

How To Remove And Prevent Tick Bites in Humans Just about anyone who goes out into the wild – whether you’re a hiker, camping or a prepper doing some bug out practice, will have a very good chance of making friends with a tick.! The first signs of these nasty little buggers will be an itch, …

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Safety First Aid For Preppers

first aid kit bag

Saf​ety First Aid For Preppers What is the best emergency first aid survival kit a UK prepper can have?Firstly, your kit must ensure that essential safety first aid can be given to either yourself or any other injured person.Which means that a good emergency first aid kit cannot be just thrown together. In fact it …

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Essential Survival Gear Supplies | From WildBounds

Essential Prepping, Bugout And Survival GearLATEST NEWS:​UK Preppers Guide have teamed up with outdoors survival equipment suppliers WIldBounds who offer quality survival gear, and are base here in the UK.WildBounds are slowly building their list of equipment based on offering only top notch gear that is tried and tested to be suitable for the job.Their …

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Should You Be Prepping for life

Should You Be Prepping For Life?Guest Article By: The Prickly PrepperThought I would add my two peneth and write this article for all those people out there that insist on saying I’m mad and wasting my time being a prepper.I don’t go around telling everyone you must be prepared. You must stock up with loads …

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What Are The UK Self Defence Laws | Legal Self-Defence

What Are The UK Self Defence LawsWhat Is Self Defence?The self defence laws in the UK are quite clear, and are essentially based on past common experiences. The law itself is actually quite clearly good law, and in itself makes good sense, in that should you ever find yourself being involved in a situation where you …

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Compact And Lightweight EDC Hammock

EDC Hammock – The Perfect Getaway hammockWho’s been hanging aboutA Guest Post By: Des, from Des Cattys (YoutTube)​Let’s set the scenario where the so-called shite has hit the fan, it could be in the form of an EMP attack- (unbeknown to you). You are returning home from a long journey as one of your clients …

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Emergency Vehicle Escape Equipment For Prepping And Survival

Are You Prepared ?Emergency Vehicle Escape Equipment For Prepping And SurvivalPrepping is not just about being ready for doomsday and SHTF situations.  It cover all aspects of preparedness for all sorts of situations we might encounter. In this article I look at the very real possibility of being involved in a car accident and finding yourself …

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What Are Prepper Risks

What Are Prepper Risks.?Believe it or not, everyone is a prepper.  Well, to some extent anyway. So what makes your idea of prepping differ from your neighbours or friends at work? Your neighbour will ensure they have a spare type in their car, just in case. You know, for the ‘what ifs’ in order to be …

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