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Essential Survival Aids – Cooking Stoves

caveman cooking chicken

ESSENTIAL SURVIVAL AIDSCooking StovesOne of the top 5 survival skills is being able to procure your food and then be able to successfully cook that food. ​Fortunately, nowadays there are many survival aids which will allow you to do just that with relative ease. Modern design, and high quality manufacturing materials, means it is possible to …

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How To Tie Knots For Survival Essential Prepping Skill

How To Tie Knots For Survival Essential Prepping Skillit is well worth learning this skill – knowing how different knots can be used in different circumstances will make sure you remain safe and secure.  Some knots can be adapted for many situations and are multi-functional, whilst other are very specific to a certain task – either …

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Bushcraft Skills V Prepping Equipment

Bushcraft Skills V Prepping Equipment Prepping and Bushcraft go hand in hand, they overlap in so many areas it hard to see how they can exist without each other. Going back to the very early ages, man had no prepping equipment at all, all the tools were either found or improvised from natural objects in …

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Best Knots For Survival Fishing

All Preppers Need To Know Best Knots For Survival FishingProcuring your food by fishing is the most straightforward, easiest and least time consuming method of obtaining food in a survival situation.Everything about fishing can be simplified and made a very straightforward process. However, one of the most annoying parts of successfully catching fish is when one slips …

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Doomsday Prepping – The Ultimate Prepper

Doomsday Prepping – Are You Ready For Anything? I’m a Doomsday Prepper and I’m prepping for everything..!Yeah right, of course you are… We here that all the time from the more extreme preppers around the world. But what does it actually mean to different people who consider themselves to be preppers? Prepper Level 1 (basic)Some …

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How To Hide Your Infrared Thermal Image or Body Heat Signature

How To Hide Your Infrared Thermal Image or Body Heat Signature For us mere mortals and preppers, there’s no real 100% effective way to hide from an infrared imaging camera – however, there are some pretty effective ways to make life a lot harder for a IR camera operator to spot you down on the …

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Could your Survive a Blackout

candle in blackout room

Could You Survive A BlackoutWhat Would You Do In A Total UK Blackout Electricity is taken for granted by just about everyone here in the UK, except in the wilds and maybe us preppers!But, have you ever stopped to think what would happen if there was a total blackout and shutdown of the power grid …

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Survival Cooking using no Bushcraft Equipment

bushcraft equipment showing meat cooking on a leaf

Preppers survival cookingUsing no bushcraft Equipment In a survival situation that has suddenly happened or in an unforeseen circumstance, you will probably not have any Bushcraft or Survival Equipment with you so you will have to improvise, and use what you find around you and in your immediate environment.Survival cooking, or, as some might even …

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Could You Find Supplies After SHTF

Could You Find Supplies After SHTF A prepper is far more ready for the SHTF than your average Joe Soap If the time were ever to come and disaster was to strike, it would be chaos.  As soon as the SHTF, anything could, and probably would go very bad, very fast. As a prep­per you …

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Survival Myths That Could Get You Killed

Top 5 Survival Myths That Could Get You Killed Here’s some survival myths that could get you killed, in fact they are not really myths at all, because some people have some strange ideas about prepping and survival. Even the experts differ on many techniques that should be used if you were ever faced with …

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Top Six Prepping Tips You Must Know

The Top SixPrepping Tips You Must KnowWhen anyone begins to think about starting prepping, they are confronted with masses of good information AND miss-information in equally confusing doses…! This article will help you and stop you wasting your time and money on unnecessary ‘stuff’ right from the start. What are the top six prepping tips …

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How To Survive A Worst Case SHTF Situation

How To Survive A Worst Case SHTF Situation Being able to survive is all about knowledge, preparation and training. If you can survive the for first 30 days of a SHTF disaster, you give yourself a 90% higher chance of surviving that disaster. However, knowing just how to survive a worst case SHTF situation takes a …

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