How Long will It Take You To Die When The SHTF

How Long will It Take You To Die  When The SHTFAre you a prepper and are you ready for when the SHTF?Do you think you are prepared enough, and ready to fight it out, weathering the storm as things get markedly worse before there’s any hope of them getting a little better.If you haven’t thought …

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Whats Really Going To Happen When The SHTF

What Is SHTF. UK Preppers Acronyms, but what does it mean?

WHAT IS SHTFWhat are you going to do when the Shit Hits The FanThe simple truth is – How long do you really think you can survive if a total breakdown happens and what are you going to do when the proverbial Shit Hits The Fan..?Think about it – The only way to ensure the …

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Prepping For SHTF Essential Plans

Prepping For SHTF  Making a plan is exactly what prepping is all about, as is preparing for the worse case scenarios that may well happen to you, specifically in your area.This is an overall look at some of the essential things you must consider, and make them part of your bug out plan BEFORE the …

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