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Will you need Body Armour when SHTF

 Will you need Body Armour when SHTF What levels of protective gear should a Survivalist Wear?  The survivalist lifestyle is one that includes extreme preparedness, precision and planning. With the unpredictability of the economy, the government and the world in general, there’s a lot that needs to be taken into consideration when such a lifestyle is …

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UK Non Lethal Self Defence Weapon – LED Strobe Torch | Full Review

UK Non Lethal Self Defence Weapon – LED Strobe TorchWith the UK Laws being so strict on the possession of weapons and the carrying of weapons, it makes life very difficult to defend against, would be attackers. You are breaking the UK law if you are stopped and searched, You are breaking the UK law if you …

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Defensive Training for Preppers

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Defensive Training for Preppers  A big part of prepping and survival that is often neglected is personal fitness and the ability to defend yourself without the use of weapons. The two go hand in hand and you will find that both fitness and defence skills increase as your ability to defend yourself improves. There are …

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Best Paintball Pistol for Self Defence

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Best Paintball Pistol for Self DefenceThere are many Paintball Handgun manufacturers that are available in the UK all offering their pistols at varying prices.The best advice is to shy away from the cheaper ones.A Paintball Handgun is a precision made bit of kit and, as a general rule you will be spending upwards of £175 for a decent pistol. Plus any …

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Best Paintball Gun for Self Defence

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Choosing the best paintball gun for self defence   Why choose a paintball gun for self defence.  There are many makes, types and styles of paintball guns available to use as a defence weapon, with costs ranging from under £50 right up to over £1000 for competition and tournament enthusiasts. But for a prepper the main …

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Paintball Guns for Self Defence

paintball gun firing in feild

Paintball Guns For Self Defence Another very effective Non Lethal Weapon that’s available to all over 18s in the UK, is the Paintball Gun, or Paintball Marker as they are known by anyone who takes part in paintballing.Using Paintball Guns For Self DefenceThese guns are by no means toys and can do some serious damage.They …

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