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How To Prepare And Survive An Electromagnetic Pulse

How To Prepare And Survival An Electromagnetic Pulse An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is, simply stated, a burst of electromagnetic energy.It can occur as a radiated, electric or magnetic pulse.An EMP is usually damaging to most electronic equipment including household appliances, automobiles, power grids and communication systems.However, certain equipment can be shielded from the damaging effects …

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What Is SHTF. UK Preppers Acronyms, but what does it mean?

WHAT IS SHTFWhat are you going to do when the Shit Hits The FanThe simple truth is – How long do you really think you can survive if a total breakdown happens and what are you going to do when the proverbial Shit Hits The Fan..?Think about it – The only way to ensure the …

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Bushcraft and Survival Shows 2015

wild food and chilli fare

Bushcraft and Survival Shows 2015This is an OLD article from last year – I will be updating this as soon as I have any information – There’s plenty to look forward to during 2015 – including this new event I can’t wait to get back to the bushcraft shows this year. If you have never …

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Signs and Symptoms of Ebola The Ebola Disease Virus

ebola disease virus image of virus under microscope

Signs and Symptoms of Ebola There is currently no vaccine or know cure for the Ebola Disease Virus. Symptoms of Ebola include Fever (greater than 38.6°C or 101.5°F) Severe headache Muscle pain Weakness Diarrhea Vomiting Abdominal (stomach) pain Unexplained hemorrhage (bleeding or bruising) Symptoms may appear anywhere from 2 to 21 days after exposure to …

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Survival and Bushcraft Schools and Courses around the UK

sos signal in the sand

  Survival & Bushcraft Schools and Courses in the UK Prepping is all about survival – although there is a lot of information on the internet, there’s nothing that beats actually ‘doing it’ for real. Learning your bushcraft and survival skills from a good survival school is something well worth considering  – there are lots …

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History of Prepping and Emergency Survival

A short  History of British Prepping Since the beginning of time man has tried to predict and prepare for the disasters that can effect both himself, his family and friends. Natural disasters, floods, famine and through world wars, the citizens of various countries have  battled to overcome the doomsday scenarios that were bestowed on them.  It’s these type of events that …

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Gorilla Tape for Survival

gorilla tape header photo

Gorilla Tape for SurvivalWe all know the sticking power and versatility of Duct Tape and its many uses, especially for emergency and permanent repairs. But for preppers, there’s only one tape you can rely on to give you peace of mind and know it’s going to work – so much so that every prepper should be using Gorilla …

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My Prepping Plan

Guest Article:   My Prepping Plan, by Fango As with most preppers here in the UK, I struggle to build up my supplies and prepping equipment. With the recession only just starting to fade it’s been a very difficult few years to even survive the day to day running of my home and family, let alone splash out on …

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Preppers and Survival Words and Phrases

man with information screens spinning around head

 Dictionary of Survival Words and PhrasesIf you’re new to prepping then there’s a few words and terms you need to know fast in order to understand the Preppers Dictionary. These words are almost universal in the world of preppers, so, when you’re surfing the net looking for more prepping information you’ll be OK. There are probably a few more …

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Water Storage Methods for UK Preppers

water bottle hand pump

Water Storage Methods for UK Preppers Survival fact -You can last 3 weeks without food BUT ONLY 3 days without water  After 3 days without water your internal organs begin to shut down and become damaged leading to a very fast death. This makes both short and long term water storage, a very high priority for any survivalist.When …

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What is Preparedness UK

what is preparedness for a uk prepper

What is the state of preparedness in the UKIs it possible for a total meltdown of our society? A lot of people are now realising we are in a very fragile time of this earths and mans evolution and there is a very real chance of a major shift across our planet.”What would the government do to …

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The Dooms Day Clock

man with big clock

What is the Dooms day Clock  In 1947, during the cold war era, governments and scientists assembled, forming what is known as the Dooms Day Clock. It represents the current state of the worlds nuclear position to world war and total destruction. It was agreed to be set on 7 minutes to midnight and has fluctuated closer and further to the midnight hour. …

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