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How To Make A DIY Bushcraft Knife With Basic Tools

How To Make A DIY Bushcraft KnifeUsing Basic Workshop ToolsI thought it was about time I tried my hand at making myself a decent bushcraft knife, and in this article I have added my full video of: ‘How To Make  DIY Bushcraft Knife Using Basic Workshop Tools And Equipment’, for you to follow along with …

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Most Comfortable Hammock For Wild Camping Amok Dramur 3.0

The Amok Draumr 3.0Most Comfortable Hammock For Wild CampingWhen choosing a camping hammock there are a few generally accepted things to consider. Pack size and weight being important to many people. Ease of setup, another.But one of the most important factors to using a hammock over ground dwelling is the actual level of sleep comfort …

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Bushbox Essentials LF Titanium Outdoor Survival Cook Stove

Bushcraft Essentials:  Bushbox LF Titanium  Outdoor Survival Cook StoveFor those of you who are looking for real quality products, in your outdoor cooking equipment, you know your in good hands when you choose from the range of outdoor cook stoves from the Bushcraft Essentials range.I am quite fortunate and actually have all the cooking stoves shown …

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SAS Recon Folding Bow For Hunting Survival And Prepping

SAS Recon Folding Bow For Hunting Survival And PreppingUsing a bow as a hunting tool, or as a self defence weapon, have been around for centuries,  In a SHTF situation, a bow is one of the most versatile tools to have in your pack.However, there are a few drawbacks with a conventional bow, namely, the …

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LifeStraw Personal Water Purification Filter Test and Review

man drinking from a lifestraw personal purification filter

LifeStraw Personal Water Purification FilterTest and ReviewThere may be water everywhere, but would you risk just scooping it up and drinking it? If you were in an absolutely desperate situation where you had nothing to drink for days, then maybe it’s a yes. If your life depended on it, then it might be worth the risk. If …

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Simple Bushcraft Fire Lighting Kit

ferro rod fire starter

What Makes A Good, Simple, Bushcraft Fire Lighting Kit Keeping your Bug Out Bag Kit simple and effective is very important. It makes room for more equipment to be carried. So the importance of an effective, Simple Bushcraft Fire Lighting Kit is something not to be underestimated. As preppers you will always have more than one way …

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Flint and Steel Fire Starting

making fire using a flint and steel video review

Traditional Methods Of Flint And Steel Fire Starting In this article I shall be showing how to make fire using a flint and steel, and also reviewing the authentic fire starting kit (shown above) For those aficionados among us – creating fire using a Flint and Steel is the oldest and considered the purest known …

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Best Survival Knots For Preppers

best survival knots for preppers the fishermans knot

What Are The Best Survival Knots For Preppers Do you know how to tie ‘proper’ rope knots? A lot of people don’t, and yet knots are a very necessary part of your survival strategy, as they play an important role in so many survival situations.You don’t have to know every type of knot and their …

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Best Camping Stove For Your Bug Out Bag

the jetboil flash cooking stove test and review

Best Camping Stove For Your Bug Out Bag It’s not often I can make a claim for a product, but I have to admit if you’re looking for the Best Camping Stove For Your Bug Out Bag, then it’s well worth considering the JetBoil system. I have only just treated myself to the JetBoil system …

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Revive H2O Portable Water Filter Bottle Review

revive H2O water filter bottle

Safe Drinking Water From The Revive H2O Portable Water Filter Bottle Under 2p Per Litre For Safe, Clean Drinking Water- a water filter bottle is a must for any prepper – Today I’m reviewing a new water filter bottle that has just come onto the prepping market and, as usual in my reviews I will …

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How To Make The Best Ever Survival Bread

cooking bannock bread over open fire

Preppers need to know how to make survival food. These recipes are perfect for prepping and adding to your food store. As a prepper it is mighty important to have as many skills under your belts as you possibly can.After all, your going to need them if the SHTF and when it does you must …

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Survival Water Bottle With Filter

What is the best Water Bottle with Filter for Survival? With so many to choose from, what portable water filter is best for survival  Every Prepper knows the importance given to the acquisition of water supplies and how necessary it is to ensure you have ample clean drinkable water to ensure a higher chance of …

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