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Magnum Stealth Force 8 CT CP SZ Waterproof Boots

magnum stealth force 8 review

Magnum Stealth Force 8 CT CP SZ Waterproof Boots In this review I am testing a pair of Stealth Force 8 boots from Magnum. They are the side zip version of these boots and feature the cleaver YKK side zipper – Magnum also make these in a non zipped boot. In this review I take the boots through a full …

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Hi Tec Altitude V I WP Hiking Boots – Test and Review

hi tec altitude vi wp hiking boots logo

Hi Tec Altitude VI WP Hiking Boots – Test and ReviewClick all images for larger view       This review is for the all new Hi-Tec Altitude VI WP hiking boots [2014]. These boots are the latest addition to the, already superb, Altitude range, and very first thing you notice about these boots is they have a feel of traditional quality. They …

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Best LED Torch – KLARUS ST11 Tactical torch – full test & video review

klarus st11 front view

KLARUS ST11 Tactical torch – full test & video review Buying a torch that’s suitable for prepping is far more in depth than just going to your local store and trying to pick up the best LED torch for your money.   In fact, it is essential to go to the more specialist manufacturers to get a true preppers torch that has all …

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Hi Tec Phoenix Hiking Boots – Test and Review

Hi Tec Phoenix Hiking boots

 Hi Tec Phoenix Waterproof Hiking Boots – full test & reviewClick all images for larger view   I have chosen the Hi Tec Phoenix Hiking Boot for this weeks review as it is an excellent choice of boot, especially if you prefer the more modern styling for your hiking boots as compared to the military style boots in the …

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Lifesaver Water Filter Bottle – full review

Water Purification For PreppingThe Lifesaver Water Filter Bottle There are a few choices when it comes to filtering and purifying water in a survival situation.From making your own bushcraft style filter using rocks and sand, to building a fire and boiling.But as preppers we all like to keep things nice and simple.Hence, for that reason I …

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Magnum Original Side Zip Boots Review

side view of the Magnum Original Side Zip Tactical Boots

Magnum Original SIde Zip Tactical Boots Review In this survival kit review I am testing a pair of Original Side Zip boots from Magnum. The side zips are part of Magnum’s “Force” range and very much a tactical boot. In the review I take these boots for a nice 10k hike across fields and through forest with very uneven and muddy ground …

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Essential Survival Aids – Bushbox Hobo Pocket Stove Review

bushbox hobo survival stove

 Bushbox Hobo Pocket Stove Review   Manufactured in Germany and made of 100% stainless steel, this survival stove is definitely one of the most compact units I have seen. In this review I will cover the assembly and dismantle of the Bushbox Hobo Outdoor Pocket Stove as well as finding out  “Does It Work In The Field’.? Specifications: …

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Esbit Pocket Survival Stove Review

esbit pocket survival stove for preppers

Esbit Pocket Survival Stove Review If you are one of those preppers wishing to travel light and compact, there are a few choices of cooking stoves available to you on the market today. But for sheer simplicity and ease of cooking I think the Esbit Pocket Stove ranks among the top. I wanted to see exactly how …

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Best Water Filter Straw for Survival

drinksafe water straw

Best Water Filter Straw for Survival  Every Prepper should have several means by which safe drinking water is available regardless of the survival situation and there are several very good choices on the market but what is the Best Water Filter Straw for Survival..?For a quick, on the spot ‘top up’ a Filter Straw is the best method. However, …

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