The Unbearable Truth For Non Preppers (part 2) Water

The Unbearable Truth For Non Preppers
 (part 2) - WATER

Here's What To Expect, As A Non prepper

Lets start with an easy one first - WATER

  • A power failure will mean that the water companies cannot get water to homes and factories
    Without any drinking water, dehydration will immediately set in within 24 hours.
    Dehydration will cause you extreme suffering before an unpleasant death.
  • Your toilets will not work.Unless they have an incineration toilet (but this will need electrical power)and it wont flush without water.
    Where will you and your family go to the toilet?
    More importantly, how will you dispose of the waste matter?

Panic buying will result in no bottled drinking water to be found in any store

non preppers sheeple
  • Clean drinking water will disappear within days, leaving none available anywhere.
    Major cities would be dry.
    You cannot live for much more than three days without drinking water.
non preppers sheeple
  • If you decide to actually drink dirty or polluted water, it will undoubtedly make you incredibly sick and will then simply accelerate the dehydration process for your body.
  • Any polluted water must be purified before drinking. Now that will mean having a suitable water filter system, you could use bleach or other disinfectant if you had the knowledge to do so, or how about boiling your water, but of course you'll need equipment to do so.

You must try to fully appreciate how incredibly fragile the whole water infrastructure, that pumps our drinking water into our homes, really is.
Any type of infrastructure breakdown, including a terrorist attack or cyber attack could render the whole system useless.
Even some nutter with a grudge could easily add toxic chemicals into the water system - it's not as far fetched as you may think!

Without fresh drinking water or water in general - the non prepper would crash and burn very fast indeed.......

All preppers have a knowledge of water procurement, filtration and the various methods of cleaning dirty water and making the water safe for drinking. If you do not know how to do this your stuffed.

    One single event could easily and rapidly escalate into other events that would most certainly have a knock on effect to collapse almost everything we know.

    We see it all the time with world events like hurricanes, storms, major snow storms, solar events, terrorism, the economy.
    All events that happen else where but effect everyone globally.

    In fact just one seemingly small and non de script disaster can easily turn into something quite extreme, the repercussions of which spread far and wide across the globe.

    You have to appreciate that the economics of the world today are inexplicably interwoven to the point where if one economy takes a fall it will effect every economy.

    Nothing is safe from this global knock-on effect any more......

    Tragically, the non prepper will not even invest in any form of water filtration - I know that fellow preppers will find this laughable.
    But it's true - a simply portable water filter bottle that will give you safe, clean, drinking water from any water source you may find laying around.
    A dirty puddle, a pond, wherever there's a drop of old water it's yours for the drinking.

    But no, buying a few of them and a couple of spare filters is far to much effort for the non prepper.

    For example, a top of the range 'Water To Go' filter bottle will give you 200ltrs of clean, safe water for under £25 - that's such a small price to pay for life giving clean water, but the non prepper would much rather spend it on a new gadget or the latest PlayStation game!!

    Without safe drinking water your major organs begin to shut down and death will normally occur after just three days.............

    So Do You Still Think

    Being A Little Preparred

    Is It Really That Daft..?

    What's Next To Expect, As A Non prepper - FOOD

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