The Unbearable Truth For Non Preppers (part 3) Food

The Unbearable Truth For Non Preppers      (part 3)  -  FOOD

What Are You Going To Do When The Cupboards Empty..?

Occasionally there's a news item about a problem with some small food item, and you listen intently.

"I will pop down and get a couple of them, in the morning", you say.

What happens - you get to the shop and they are all sold out - the shelves have been stripped.

Nothing new there, we have seen it before and will see it again.

non preppers sheeple
UK Prepper no food

It's bad enough running low on food, but what if there's a disaster situation that prevents ANY food from getting onto the supermarket shelves?

What if the food can't even get to the shops.

A simple fuel shortage would bring the supply chain to a halt overnight.

If the public got wind of that, then the stores would most certainly be ransacked and completely void of literally anything food related.

So, all you Non Preppers out there
What are you really going to do when your belly starts to rumble..??

Low food stocks in your home will simply mean that when the stores are emptied and the shelves are bear you have an intermediate problem - that's a bad enough situation right from the start.

But, what if there is no food available for you for a longer amount of time? Or for an unforeseen amount of time afterwards?

It has been documented that in recent years, That during any disaster situation that has occurred around the world, the supermarkets and store has been stripped bear in a matter of minutes..!

Lack of food will be one of the top concerns
only then will you start to realise the unbearable truth for non preppers.

  • Just sit back and consider the completely horrible feeling of actually being very, very hungry and then consider at what point you would be forced to eat absolutely anything..!
  • You can't even scavenge for some food from the stores - they are now all under the protection of the government and guarded by armed police - don't laugh now... that WILL happen.
  • If the break down is monitory - you may well not be able to buy anything anyway! Especially using electronic methods like store cards or your debit card.
  • The whole food distribution network work on a 'just in time' basis. If any part of that complex system were to break down, then the whole system goes to pot - fuel/oil shortages would stop trucks from delivering to any store.
    The electrical grid down would mean no power for the complex computer ordering system, they couldn't even phone to make orders, there would be no phones working.
    An EMP / Solar Flare would wipe out electronic systems world wide leaving us helpless.
  • And then there's the basics - one of the most unbearable truths for non preppers will be this little contributor - what are you going to do when the toilet paper runs out.!?
  • No electrical power - without that basic facility your plunged back into the dark ages, literally.
  • No form of communication would be available to the non prepper. You would not even know what's happening 10 miles down the road.
  • How are you going to stay warm in the winter, I bet most non preppers don't even have a good quality sleeping bag in their home!
  • But then again if you did decided to venture out in search of some food for your family, you have to consider that anyone moving about uninvited could easily become a target.
    Muggers and looters would look at you as easy prey.
    The authorities would frown on someone just wandering about, for whatever reason and would stop you on the spot and more than likely arrest and lock you up..!
  • The unbearable truth for non preppers is that you are far out of your depth in this scenario. You will be pushed far past your normal limits and knowledge, and why? Lack of prepping before hand.
  • What the non prepper has to start to realize is that your government really doesn't care about you as an individual. The non prepper is now just a number and real help is very unlikely to show up..
uk preppers
  • Martial law will be implemented, very quickly.
    The only form of communication you will hear is what the government want to tell you.
    The propaganda will keep you exactly where you do not want to be.
    You really are 1st class Sheeple now.
    Completely at the mercy of the powers that be.
    • How are you going to contact you loved ones? No phones, no communication? You can only go by foot or maybe bicycle. Lets hope they don't live too far away. But anyway, you may well be under curfew or the roads blocked.

The unbearable truth for non preppers is that you are now far out of your depth.
You will be pushed way past your normal limits and knowledge, and why?
Because of your lack of prepping beforehand.

The non prepper must now start to realise that 'a lack of food' doesn't simply mean you don't have the types of food your used too - it actually means no food at all.

  • You will have to try and work out how to get some food. The first things that come to mind are plants and berries, but lack of foraging knowledge will put the non prepper at a very high risk of poisoning themselves.
  • Cooking any food will be a task in itself even if you do manage to find some.

Even without any real effort on the non preppers part, you can easily stock up on long shelf life survival foods.

These emergency rations are ideal food supplies for the non prepper.

But if you don't do it now then who knows what the consequences might be....

cooking game over open fire

So let us assume you have been lucky and found some 'fresh' food for your family. Could be anything. A fresh killed cat or some stray animal you have manged to capture.

You whisk it off back home and make a little fire in the garden and begin to cook it.
mmmm, smells good eh!

Well you might have just signed your own death warrant.....

Every low life scumbag within half a mile will soon sniff it out and be at your door, but chances are there will be nothing left as you 'friendly' neighbors have just gate crashed your party and stolen all you had.

You see, everyone will be fighting for the smallest morsel and if you haven't planned or your not ready for this, you wont last another week.

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