Top 10 Prepping E Books

Top 10 Prepping E Books

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E-Books, and especially E Books for the Kindle reader are the number one, modern way to collect and read books.

There are literally millions of books on the E Book format now and all ready for download.

One of the good spin offs from the conventional hardback cover book that takes up hundreds of pages and space on your shelf, is the fact that you can amass a good collect of books to refer back to at any time, all stored on one slim, lightweight device.

Just about all E Books are being bought from Amazon these days, and why not, they have the biggest collection in the world.

As well as the conventional book layout with hundreds of pages, there has emerged a lot of shorter, and more to the point, informative E Books that cover specific sections of various topics.

Prepping is one of those areas that has benefited from the short and direct approach, which is now more popular then ever with us preppers.

So, without further ado – here’s my Top 10 Prepping E Books


This is a good, well written Ebook.

Water is essential and here you have an in depth look at how to procure it.Ideal for preppers and off-grid homesteaders.

An A to Z of finding water, harvesting rainwater, and how to store it.

5 Star Ebook at £1.92


Perfectly well written and concise Ebook for Prepping and where to begin.

A no nonsense Ebook showing exactly how you have to start in order to get yourself organized for the long haul.

Well written and to the point, this Ebook covers all the essentials for the newbie prepper.

A must have read, with everything the newbie prepper needs to make a good, confident start into prepping and survival.

5 Star 'must have'  Ebook at £0.77


Food - one of the essential survival items, but what foods do you really need for long term survival?

This Ebook covers what's needed for an extended period of time.

Essentially a preppers guide showing you how to prepare your food pantry properly.

Good informative Ebook at £1.98


A good all round basic prepping Ebook.Covers many aspects of disaster preparedness.

This Ebook runs through the essentials for surviving calamities and keeping yourself safe from the threat of nature.

Some good information on water supply to food to first aid and survival kits, to clothing, gadgets and weapon.

Direct to your Kindle for £1.53


What would you do if you had no power?

There are numerous reasons why the power grid could go down leaving large sections of the country or the world in total darkness.

Everything would simply grind to a halt and it will be survival of the fittest, or as we know—the most prepared.

This Ebook covers exactly what you need to be doing to prepare for grid down survival.

Very good Ebook at £1.53 direct to your Kindle


The Bug Out Bag is your essential kit for survival over the first 72hrs of disaster.

In the Ebook you find out what is really needed and what's not.

An essential list in detail from start to finish which includes everything you need to gather for those first 72 hours of independent survival.

Well worth reading: £7.58 - 208 pages


A well established preppers favourite EBook.

This offers you the more simple DIY approach to prepping, with everything broken down into 101 quick, smart and inexpensive projects.

A must have read.

Very good Ebook at £5.39


Not so much a survival guide, more of a common sense 'be prepared' approach to disasters.

Not everyone want to run away and bug out - and this Ebook explains the whys and how to hunker down instead.

It has all the bases covered and explains short and long term methods for staying put.

A good read at £0.77


Short and to the point - this Ebook guides you through the essentials of a good survival tin setup.

Possibly one of the most essential items in your bug out bag - so you must know what to add and what to leave out.

Good information at £0.88


With over 400 black-and-white illustrations and photographs, this book explains how to make use of natural materials.

Explaining all the good Bushcraft skills that still work to this day.

Bushcraft is an underestimated skill that really is required by any prepper.

A 'must have' Ebook at £7.19





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