Training And Practice For Bugging Out

Training And Practice For Bugging Out

All preppers have supplies and equipment to help survive a disaster situation.
We have a plan if X,Y or Z were to happen - we all have escape plans if you need to get out of your area, away from the possible danger.

That plan may mean going to friends and relatives and hunkering down with them.
It could be making your way to your very own hideaway.

Whatever your own personal plan is, you will still have to get from A to B, both safely and with as little fuss as possible.

Even if you haven't really got an escape plan, you may still need to evacuate your home.

There are a number of reasons you might have to do this:
Civil unrest, contamination, disease, even forced imprisonment by the government ( to keep you safe, of course..!  yeah right. )

But whatever the reason, you need to get out before it is too late and you become trapped in your own home.

Don't get me wrong - I believe hunkering down is the best option, but only initially, while you access the levels of danger to yourself and your family.

Just as a side note here:
Remember bugging out will mean that you leave a safe shelter, equipped and supplied with provisions to keep you going for potentially ages.
Bug out and you make yourself a homeless refugee.....
Just saying.!

So it's bug out time - and your ready to make the move and put your plan into action.
You know exactly where your going, right?
You have got a plan, right?
You have your bug out bag equipped and ready to go, right?

But there's one problem though:
You have all the best plans made and ready to put into operation, but they are going to go wrong.!

Yes, I can guarantee you, that plan will not work, in fact you will, without doubt, need to change and regroup and have a provisional plan B for when things need to change.

This is why Training And Practice For Bugging Out is so important

Like every other prepping and survival skill, it simply must be practised before you use it for real.

And what does that mean - well it's simple, just get set up and go.

No faffing about - treat it as a bug out situation and see exactly what happens.

Have a pre-determined plan and follow it - see how many areas have flaws and where it has the potential to go wrong.

You will simply not know unless you actually go out and do a bug out practice.

I advocate training for any event, and as the old saying goes 'Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance' and it is dead right.

I think you should practice all aspects of a bugout and make it a difficult as you possibly can for yourself. 
At various stages of your bugout, make life more difficult for your self - change the plan a lot as chances are that's exactly what you will have to do for real.

As sad as it seams I do this a lot - I have even gone wild camping for a few days and had my wife remove 'stuff' from my rucksack that I did not know about until I was gone.

My biggest challenge was when she once removed all the dehydrated food I had packed - that really was a challenge - I must say she left me one biscuit though... !

I muddled through though, in fact I was lucky as it was a more urban type wild camp and there was a KFC about a half mile away - I deliberately had no money on me, but you'd be amazed at how much people throw away and that you can scrounge from the bin.!!!!
Colonel Sanders, the original prepper eh.!

Whatever you do, make it as real as possible. It's the only way you will truly know if you are prepared.
From there on you can adapt and improve.

What Is Good Training and Practice For Bugout

If your SHTF plan is to bugout asap, then there is obviously a lot of preparation to be made.
Where are you going? Do you have a safe location to head for? Do you have supplies at your bugout location? How do you get there? Who is coning with you? and so on and so on.....
The list of 'what ifs' can become very large indeed. It's up to you to whittle that list down to where you are comfortable and everything on that list is within your skillset.

Don't just think you can do it. Go out and try first and you'll very quickly find out that you don't know half the stuff you thought you did.

Remember those 6 P's again and make sure none of them apply to your prepping.

Video Review:
My Wild Camp 'Summer' Kt

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    • James Smith on January 11, 2019 at 9:31 pm
    • Reply

    Please please can you offer some advice about where to practise. In the UK all land is privately owned so where can you go? Many thanks in advance


      • Damien on March 10, 2020 at 11:46 am
      • Reply

      This is my biggest issue as well – I just don’t know where it would be allowed for me to have a proper go at wild camping/bugging out with all that involves, like setting up a shelter and trying a Dakota fire pit.

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