Ultimate Airsoft Guide For Preppers.

Ultimate Airsoft Guide
How Can This Help Your Prepping?

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There is a strong connection between being prepared and military tactics. Both require a plan, both will have a plan A, plan B and even a plan C. Prepping has set ways to go about tasks, exactly the same way as a military campaign.

As preppers we know the importance of practice in order to see the week areas in both our skills and our kit, so it makes sense to try and hone everything as realistically as possible.

This is a guest post by David and in this Ultimate Airsoft Guide, David explains some of the finer details of training and tactics that can be applied to prepping. 

Airsoft is a fantastic hobby and one that can be a real breath of fresh air if you’re craving a little action, if you have any interest in the military or if you want to hone your skills and teamwork abilities.

With that said though, many people aren’t too sure what it's all about or where to start when it comes to taking up airsoft.

The idea of wielding such life-like weaponry can be daunting for some and you might find yourself worried about looking inexperienced or even hurting yourself. In this post, we’ll be going over all of the basics (and then some) to help you get started with this fascinating hobby.

The Basics - What Is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a sport that involves simulating the experience of military combat.

These guns are authentically designed to mimic genuine weapons, while the game itself incorporates real tactics and strategies.

While the guns are authentic in design and operation, they actually fire 6mm rounds of BBs (bearing balls) which are made of a hard plastic.

This makes them safe for practice and sport while still offering a very authentic experience.

The realism and authenticity of all the weapons is also why many people choose to collect airsoft guns – even if they rarely use them!
They are identical in all ways, except the ammunition they fire, to a real weapon.

Strategy and Prepping

This is where airsoft really comes into its own. The military use airsoft in their training scenarios to hone tactical skills in various situations. 

Everything is very real except there are no casualties. 
In an airsoft 'game' all military tactics are played out from close quarter scenarios to open field battles and you get a feel for the actual combat requirements, tactics and how to perform tactical tasks correctly.

Planning and situation awareness are essential to your prepping:

This type of training and knowledge is paramount in helping you stay calm and evaluate a dangerous situation - exactly the sort of dangerous situation you may well find in a SHTF or WROL scenario.

How To Hold An Airsoft Gun And Safety Tips

Now you know what airsoft is, the next step is to give it a go! To make sure you don’t look like a noob though, it pays to understand how to hold the guns.

To this end, avoid the common mistake of keeping your trigger finger inside of the trigger guard.

This is actually dangerous and can lead to accidental discharge. Instead, keep your trigger finger pressed across the body of the firearm and just above the guard.

There are additionally a couple more safety tips to be aware of. Never point your weapon at anything you don’t intend to shoot and try to develop ‘muzzle awareness’.

Know where your gun is pointing at all times and have it pointing at the ground when you’re travelling. Likewise, you should only remove the safety switch prior to firing.

Keep your gun in its case when not in use and make sure not to display your gun in public – otherwise you stand a very high chance of being reported and the next thing you know is your staring down the barrel of a real rifle, as the firearms unit pin you to the floor!!!
You can expect a fine or even jail time for this sort of stupidity..

Airsoft Equipment

Now you know the safety basics, you can start thinking about the gun you want to choose and any other accessories you’re going to invest in.

To begin with, you’ll want to look at a beginner-friendly weapon from a recognised brand like Classic Army or Tokyo Marui.

Focus on one good weapon to begin with rather than creating an arsenal of weapons.
You can also choose to invest in camouflage and accessories such as lasers, extra sites and flashlights.

Airsoft weapons are exact replicas of modern firearms.

Note that over accessorising can actually put you at a disadvantage as it weighs your gun down and draws attention to you.

Skills and Tips

Once you have your gun and you’re out in the field, you’ll quickly need to learn how to handle your weapon. ‘Trigger control’ is an important lesson if you have an automatic weapon as the ‘spray and pray’ technique is inaccurate and puts you at a tactical disadvantage.

Likewise, cover is going to be very important tactically and it’s worth learning ‘silhouetting and peeking’ to get a view of the terrain without disturbing the outline of the object you’re hiding behind. Some games include bases that need to be protected and these will often include gun slits for you to tuck your muzzles into so you can fire outward without giving away your position.

Another important skill to learn is magazine loading. You’ll need to be able to do this quickly in the heat of battle, so watch videos online and practice with your gun.

The Airsoft Gameplay And Rules

You’ll learn the rules of each airsoft match when you begin playing. However, it’s useful to recognise a few rules and courtesies that will likely be in play.

One example of this is the ‘bang kill’. A bang kill is used when you are able to sneak up on an unsuspecting foe. Instead of shooting them in the back point blank (which can be painful), you have the option to ‘bang kill’. Make sure you use this when playing and make sure to respond appropriately when a bang kill is used against you.

Over time you’ll find that you learn more and more etiquette, strategy and jargon and this is part of the fun of airsoft. The best way to get started is to jump in. Fire in the hole!

There's undoubtedly a coloration with planning and strategy, and airsoft and prepping definitely go together.

 A very big thank you to David for this great article:

David is an expert on BB Guns and is passionate about helping how BB Guns work.
He regularly writes for Skirmish, airsoft and BB guns websites and is a key writer for
onlybbguns.co.uk, a company that sells BB Guns and Airsoft BB.

Happy Prepping Folks.


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