What Are The Basic Survival Skills

What are the basic survival skills 


When SHTF and the choice of hunkering down or bugging out has to be made. If that choice is to bug out then it becomes a real survival situation, every prepper should know them, but what are the Basic Survival Skills for staying alive.

Without these skills your chances of survival are greatly reduced, leaving your survival to trial and error.

So what are the Basic Survival Skills you must have?

In order to understand the basic survival skills that a prepper must know it is even more important to know what the biggest threats are to your survival in the first place.

Understanding these threats are your biggest weapon to helping you survive and overcome them.  

There are 3 main threats that will halt you in your tracks if your not prepared for them -

  • Exposure
  • Dehydration
  • Starvation

And to combat these 3 threats there are 4 immediate responses to ensure survival -

  • Shelter 
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Food        

Remember this chilling fact -survival skills



  1. Extreme weather can kill you in a matter of just 3 minutes -
  2. A lack of water can kill you in 3 days -
  3. No food will kill you in only 3 weeks -


Therefore the importance of knowing the top 5 basic survival skills are paramount to any prepper


1. Know how to build a shelter and set up a camp

2. Know how to start a fire using foraged materials

3. Know how to find water and filter it or to distill water from the sun

4. Know how to set snares, traps, fishing and hunting skills and gathering food from the land

5. Know how to butcher and prepare fish and game

 Most preppers will already have a basic knowledge of these skills. In fact you don't even need to venture outside to learn how to do them - just go on-line - but nothing beats the actual experience of doing and practising these top 5 basic survival skills, outside, in the wild.




survival shelter debris hut* A Survival Shelter can be something as simple as a few logs and twigs propped up against the branch of a tree, with a few branches and leaves thrown on top. A few more leaves on the floor and your good to go  – It's enough to keep the wind or rain or snow from settling on you.


* Start a fire as soon as possible after the building your shelter – this is like Feng Shui for survival -  many survival knives have built in fire starters that are excellent and work every time. Get yourself a good supply of wood stored under your shelter if possible and now you have a means to dry your clothes, cook and sterilise water.


* Collect your water – Ideally use a filter system or a filter straw that will give you an instant drink.  Learn how to distil water from the sun using the various survival methods.


snare*Set snares and traps and fishing lines and begin a campaign of hunting for your food –

Learn tracking methods how to set humane kill traps - ensure you have a means to get sufficient food and be able to start a store of food. This will also mean buying and using an air rifle or a hunting catapult and practising these skills until your confident

* Acquiring your dinner is one thing but you need to know how to skin and butcher your catch - you must learn skinning techniques and gutting as well as bush-craft skills on preserving your food. This will become essential in any long term survival situation -


Survival in the wild can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. Of course, once again, it all comes down to being prepared - and that's what we're all about - as a prepper learning these basic survival skills must be an essential part of your overall prepping plan - learning these skills is also fun and gives you a great sense of achievement and self worth, you can even practice some these in your garden!



By fully understanding 'What Are The Basic Survival Skills' any prepper will be ahead of the game should they ever be needed, your survival chances are increased, after all, that's what we all strive for - Happy prepping folks