What Is The Best Filter Water Bottle For Prepping And Emergencies

What Are The Requirements Of A Good Filter Water Bottle 

filter water bottle by a lake

With so many products in the marketplace it makes choosing the right filter water bottle that will give you clean, safe drinking water is a bit of a minefield!
So what can be done to ensure you choose the right one for you needs?

Firstly I'm not talking a common or garden sports drinking bottle. Or the sort of bottle that sits in your fridge and you just fill up from the tap, that's the type with some cheapo charcoal filter inside.
I'm writing this article specifically about portable water bottles that will save your life in emergencies and a survival situation.

filter water bottle by lake

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Requirements For A Good Filter Water Bottle

The amount of filters out there that are correctly tested and certify safe drinking water are very few. Most just take the bad smell and taste out of the water, nothing more.

Obviously if you are buying a filter water bottle, as a prepper it must meet certain requirements.
Firstly and most importantly, you want safe, clean drinking water, free from as many nasties as possible and to be able to get it from as many sources as possible.
With regards to what types fo contaminates it will remove, always check the manufacturers filter specifications and results first.

Requirements Ease Of Use

You must be able to store a reasonable amount in the bottle. Not too much, as the weight could be a problem and slow you down, so I think the 75cl bottle gives you a happy medium here.
I think the bottle must be see through, you know exactly how much you have got and if you need to be on the lookout for a top up.
If you can use it to fill other container, then that's a big plus as well.

filter water bottle on rucksack

Water-To-Go 'ACTIVE' out hiking...

I have used the Water To Go bottle for over six years and consider it to be one of the very best on the market today.

Having reviewed and tested (see video review here) the very first designs, I've watched as they are constantly improving the design and usability. 

Without a doubt the Water To Go bottle is my 'go to' piece of kit when I need a means of filtering dirty, contaminated water. Whether it's from for a puddle, river, lake or stream.

In fact I can get safe, clean drinking water from just about any source excluding sea water.

The Latest Water Filter Bottle
From Water-To-Go

Below is the Active 75cl Filter Water Bottle.  These are the general features of the filter bottle. 

  • Squeezable bottle for rapid water delivery 
  • New single-handed action click lid
  • Lid covers drinking spout for hygiene
  • Weighs just 137 grams
  • Translucent with content markings so you know when to refill
  • Durable BPA free bottle
  • FDA Approved
  • Fits any bike cage and includes a detachable carabiner hook

Filter Water Bottles Represent Very Good Value For Money

Firstly the main filter life is based on usage, not time.
So the 'Active Filter Bottle" has a 200-litre filter capacity that will last for 100 days.

For example, if you are consuming 2 litres of water per day.  Or even longer, for 200 days at 1litre per day and so on.

From a money saving point of view, I also use mine indoors.
Commercial bottled water works out far to dear!
One filter cartridge will give you 200 litres of clean, safe drinking water.
A set of two filters cost £19.99 now take off my UKprep15 discount code of 15% and add delivery £3.98 (free delivery on  orders over £20) so that's a total of £20.97.

Work that out and the cost is only 5p per litre...!

I think it's worth having for that saving by itself let alone the fact that that your getting safe, clean, properly filtered water.

How Does It Make Water Safe To Drink?

Inside the BPA-free Water-to-Go 75cl Active bottle you'll see the 3-in-1 filter and below is the click action lid. The lid has an integral drinking spout and protective, flip cap cover.
I found that this lid and spout mechanism design works well, especially when wearing glove.

The filter will work straight away to protect against bacteria, parasites and microplastics. It also reduces chemicals like chlorine and therefor gives a much improved water taste.

These are the three technologies used in a Water-to-Go filter:

  1. Mechanical filtration; a very small pore size which stops contaminants passing through.
  2. Electrical (by a positive charge) which reduces the pore size even further and attracts contaminants like a magnet, trapping them inside the filter. 
  3. Activated carbon - the filter use activated carbon without using adhesives that would vastly reduce the carbon’s efficiency. Instead the activated carbon is contained within the filter membrane itself. This technique helps further reduce the contaminants whilst also eliminating bad tastes and odours.

This make this type of water filter perfect for preppers, disasters and emergencies, as well as general hiking, camping and all types of international travel in countries where the water quality is suspect!

filter water bottle  lid only
filter water bottle packet

There is one restriction though, you cannot filter salt water.  
You need to activate the filter first, two minute job and when your bottle is full you are ready to drink, no need to remove the lid and filter until your ready to fill it up again.

The filter will remove:

  • 99.9999% for bacteria like E.Coli
  • 99.999-99.9999%  for viruses like Polio
  • 99.99% for micro-organisms
  • Heavy metals (like lead) and also Chlorine and Fluoride are also filtered

For the international filter guidelines, please click button below:

* Special UK Preppers Discount

I have tested and regularly use this filter system - if you follow my YouTube Channel, you will often see me drinking from it. I have filled up from some pretty rancid water sources and NEVER had any ill effects whatsoever.

As a result in my faith in this filter water bottle I have managed to secure a 15% off discount code for all UK Preppers who buy from the Water To Go website..

In order to get a full 15% discount off your purchase just enter the special code in the discount box (looks like the one here).

filter water bottle orderform

Use this code  UKprep15  at checkout and get a 15% discount on Water-To-Go bottles & Filters.

Checkout the 50cl & 75 cl water filter bottle - there are quite a few designs here on their Water to Go Website - at checkout use your code and get a 15% discount on Water-To-Go bottles & Filters.

Remember, this is a LIFETIME CODE, so whenever you order again just reuse the code

Have a look at my previous video, where I gave the my first Water-To-Go bottle a thorough test with some seriously contaminated water.

It proved to be a very effective filter system and I have used it ever since then, both in the UK and abroad.

With the introduction of the Water-To-Go Active I can now have a squeezable bottle as well.
Which is such a really good feature.

Finlay these are a  preppers "must have" in your go bag, bug out bag, at home and in the car, and as you can see definitely one of the best water filter bottles on the market..

Happy Prepping Folks,  Steve

Want to know more? Checkout all my water related articles here.

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