Whats Really Going To Happen When The SHTF

What's Really Going 
To Happen When The SHTF

A quick glimpse into how things will pan out if disaster strikes

When the SHTF all kinds of chaos and irrational behaviour will take place.
There's plenty of nutters out there already, so image what it's going to be like when they have free reign...! 

If you think it's going to be plain sailing, then think again

Over the years in the UK we have seen a few, tiny hints of how the general public react to something out of the ordinary.

By that I mean the occasions when we have had a 'shortage' of something that effects us all.
These few I can remember were a fuel shortage, when delivery drivers were striking for a living wage.

As well as that, there was the sugar shortage, and of course the famous 'salmonella' eggs fiasco way, way back.

But all of these 'minor' inconveniences had the same overall effect - mass panic buying, which led to the stores being emptied in a matter of hours.
It was a true, every man for himself mentality, and everyone tried to stock up all in one go.  Impossible to do, but that was Joe Public's reaction.
All for a simple little shortage, made worse by the media coverage, of course, but essentially creating an 'every man for himself' reaction.

Expect to see empty shelves ​at your supermarket

If you do not have a decent amount of stored food and supplies to last at least one month, then you are heading for disaster.

Self sufficiency for one month is the very minimum amount of time you should be prepping for.
As well as having some equipment to see you through if there are problems with the water supply, gas or electrical supply.

If events take a nose dive during the winter months things could get very bad, very fast, and leave the venerable at a risk.
Police, ambulance and other main services would be overwhelmed and unable to cope with demand, as well as that, these people have families too, will they give up on them and just trolley on into work..?

The Government Will Come To Our Help

Yeah right... If you believe that one, then you really are in for a bit of a shock.
In fact, you'll probably die waiting.!

The top government officials, as well as the royal family and other well to do, so called 'important people' will be whisked away to a place of safety, out of reach us us commoners.

If ever there was one rule for them, one for us, then a SHTF situation is it.

People Behave Very Irrationally

Even during peaceful times we see so called 'normal' people act like lunatics.  A typical example is the UKs adoption of the mindlessly pathetic, sales and media led frenzy that is Black Friday Sales.
Arguments, fights and other insane behaviour over a pair of hair curlers or or flat screen TV.

And that's during peaceful times, when they have food in their belly, and their kids are not starving...
Just imagine what's going to happen when SHTF and the supermarkets offer nothing but empty shelves, and the only water is from a dirty , stagnant puddle.

Imagine the reaction when there are piles of rat infested rubbish scattered on every street, and the emergency services try to cope with the increasing number of calls from vulnerable people. That is if the phone and internet system is even working..

It is a truly  frightening thought when you really look at what's really going to happen when the SHTF.

Reasons You Should Be Prepping Right Now

The reasons above are just the tip of a painful iceberg... As one essential part of our infrastructure crumbles, it has a knock on effect for everything else to function.
And an even greater effect for things to get massively worse.

A major power cut would cause untold problems, and many deaths.

Here's a quick example to think about:

Our power network is very outdated and in need of immediate, complete repair.  It runs on a 'make do and mend' system, and is seriously outdated.
The repercussions of a prolonged power outage would be catastrophic, with people unable to keep warm, or cook food, that is if the shops can even supply food as the lorries need fuel to deliver, and that fuel need to be pumped by electricity. 
Then again, how would you pay? With ATMs out of action.....

We would plunge into a very bad situation, very fast indeed, and this is just one SHTF scenario!
There are dozens of potential life threatening situations that could very easily take place.

So What's Really Going To Happen When The SHTF

Well, who knows?  Disasters are definitely capable of happening, even here in the UK.  The question is: are you ready to survive? Could you last out that first crucial month without putting yourself and your family in danger of others?

Just prepping for a month will give you a massive fighting chance of surviving. Take it while you can.

Happy Prepping Folks,

Steve  UKpreppersGuide


    • U.K. survivalist on February 9, 2019 at 7:00 pm
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    I wander how our military will react if SHTF. Depending on the scenario I imagine it would divide into gangs of AWOL soldiers becoming no better than the gangs of marauders and criminal organisations. Of course many would probably desert to look out for their families but I imagine there is a fair amount of soldiers who may not be family men and are only looking out for themselves and their comrades. These men will be forming marauding gangs more trained and equipped than any other groups of marauders. What comes to mind is how would we be able to defend against such well equipped armed soldiers who may turn their back on the public their meant to protect, this would go for armed police units too. We don’t have guns but they do and certain criminals do too, I guess guns and ammunition from the black market and from old military stockpiles would become expensive commodities that certain communities may be able to trade for food produce, I imagine SHTF would be a great time for an illegal arms dealer, many communities would invest in a few guns in fear of marauders coming in and burning the entire town to the ground, it’ll be a hell of a lot easier in regards to security concerns if we had more options in the firearms department ah well, perhaps stock up on gunpowder and learn to make your own because that’s gonna be like gold if SHTF in the U.K., it’ll be like the old west in no time

    • Alun on June 14, 2018 at 7:07 pm
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    Hey periander can I buy some of what you’re smoking?

    • periander on February 7, 2018 at 3:44 pm
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    Brother the shit hit the fan in 1972: Were now Russian! They bought the country as a model village, and the shit ain’t gnna hit the fan again here!” The queen broth, is a British citizen, under Russian administration! What you should be asking is will the shit hitting the fan be part of a failure to back News international pension schemes, like Murdoch accused Maxwell of, and Branson, there the fks that don’t give a shit, which explains just why it hits the fan!

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