How Long will It Take You To Die When The SHTF

How Long will It Take You To Die  When The SHTF

Are you a prepper and are you ready for when the SHTF?

Do you think you are prepared enough, and ready to fight it out, weathering the storm as things get markedly worse before there's any hope of them getting a little better.
If you haven't thought about prepping before, then there's little hope of starting after the SHTF - Supplies and resources will vanish in days, leaving nothing for the average man in the streets, and by average I mean 90% of the population.

So if your not a prepper, you have to ask yourself one simply question: How long will it take you to die when the SHTF?

Could you bounce back and save yourself and your family from the horrors of a SHTF situation?
I don't think you can. You'd land up like this chap - hungry and a lost soul, just waiting to wilt away.

Pretty dramatic eh..! Some would say far fetched, even bordering on the ridiculous. That could never happen.

Perhaps I'm just a scaremongering old fart, a doomsday soothsayer, simply talking out of my tin hat wearing mind.! 

Or maybe I'm not?

Let's have a look at the real facts
and actually see how long will it take you to die when the SHTF?

These are the top 5
most likely things to go wrong within 30 days  of a major catastrophe:

  • The stuff that we take for granted, on a daily basis, is the very biggest thing that will kill us the quickest.!

#1:  Lack Of Clean Water

Our bodies are made up predominately of this substance and without it we can only survive for up to 3 days, bearly any more, and if you are in a hot climate, definitely less.
Without access to safe, clean drinking water, your chances of survival are minimal.
Without safe water, sanitation quickly declines and disease will quickly take over as deadly pathogens begin killing people at an alarming rate.

#2:  Starvation 

You would be very lucky to last 30 days without any food, some even say 21 days in the average limit.
With all the shelves empty and no sight of a supermarket delivery truck, all you can do is rely on what you have in your cupboards..

Massive amounts of the population will be wiped out within a month from simply starving to death, or from food poisoning due to eating rotten foods.

The idea of starving to death is a very real one, and if you add it to the fact that you will probably be on reduce water intake as well, then it will be a rapid decline in your overall health and ability to function.
Essential it's only a matter of time before the signs of cronic starvation set in

Take a step back now and have a good hard look at the amount of food in your house right now.
Not a lot I bet - and how long could it last.

#3: Lack Of Medication 

Stocking up on ample supplies of essential medication Is a very hard process.
On most accounts you may be able to convince your doctor or pharmacist that you need a 3 month supply, but it's not easy.

Another important fact to remember is that medicines have a strict use by date, and for some medication it is actually very dangerous to exceed that date.

If you need life saving medication on a daily basic, even then you will only have a limited supply - as grim as it sounds, you stand a very good chance of running out of these essential medicines.
This is a nightmarish situation to be in.

This problem will also apply to the more common drugs, as they begin to get less and less available without new stocks becoming available.
Lack of everyday first aid type medication would mean cuts and bruises becoming a major issue, especially without antibiotics. 

Cuts, no matter how small, can easily become infected and gangrene setting in, with fatal consequences.

#4: Poor Sanitation & Hygiene 

As well as the above two reasons you are libel to die when the SHTF, is the very real chance of serious infection due to poor levels of sanitation and personal hygiene.

When the SHTF, the level of overall sanitation will degrade very quickly, with no rubbish collections or means to dispose of waste, conditions will be at a seriously dangerous and contagious levels.

What do you do about the disposal of the waste your family produces?  By waste, I mean personal waste, your urine and excrement.
A functioning water supply will only carry on for a few days, and depending on the disaster it could even stop immediately, meaning no fresh, running water and no toilets to flush away waste.

In the long term food waste will be very minimal, generally down to the lack of available food, but initially you can expect rotting food waste to give rise to many disease carry parasite, and serious life threatening infection will be a very real problem. 

One of the few species that thrive in these conditions is rats, and they will be a massive problem, and very quickly spread to epidemic proportions.

#5: You Not Prepared Enough 

Do you have a plan? What are you going to do when the SHTF?

Whatever your plan is, if you're not practicing it right now, then chances are, when the time comes you wont have a clue.
The fantasy of bugging out and living of the land, becoming a master at hunting and trapping your food, and thriving as full time survivalist is painfully unlikely.

If your not living that lifestyle now then you cannot simply transform overnight.

The idea of 'going it alone' is massively fraught with pitfalls and inherent dangers that will stop you in your tracks, even before you've cooked your first meal outdoors! 

Don't Forget These Other Two Important Reasons
You May Die Quickly When The SHTF


It really doesn't take much before gangs of mindless yobs begin systematically looting, from house to house, in search of food and water.

TVs and electronics wont be their aim this time - without basic supplies they will very quickly become aggressive and violent, wanting anything and everything you've got.
It will very quickly become a 'dog eat dog' world.

Simply Giving Up Hope

Many people will simply give up, and give in to the old adage 'you have to die sometime'..!
Bad things will happen and the week will lose all will to push on and try to survive.

If things don't go to plan, or your supplies are compromised by looters, you could even have a friend who dies - all these things will bring the unprepared down.

So how long will it take you to die when the SHTF?
Hopefully you'll be one of the survivors and the well prepared, but you will not get there unless you start prepping now.
Ask yourself, 'why should I be a prepper'? Ask yourself 'what are the what ifs that could effect me'?
But the big question is: Could I survive, could I help my family and friends survive?

One answer to those questions that's 100% certain is: if your prepared, you have a 100% better chance than most people....

Happy Prepping Folks....

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    • peter gray on June 4, 2018 at 8:17 am
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    alas that looks like me down the pan, as a disabled person (I have an illness called Post-Polio) I can have food and water and I was trained many years ago on how to survive, I am not afraid to kill to protect my family but only if I had to. I am lucky in many ways my meds I take if I od will be a quick end, looking around we will loose 95% of our youth their reliance on tech surpasses their need to survive in London I expect it will be gang warfare, the midlands that will be crims control the north very much the same, but alas where I live in the north east we are targeted with two nukes from Russia Sunderland and Newcastle they still think we have the great shipyards.

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