SAS Tactical Survival Bow For Hunting Survival And Bugout Bag

SAS Tactical Survival Bow
by Survival Archery Systems 

In this review article I will be showing you an age old method for food procurement that is a reliable means to put food on your table in any disaster or survival situation.

As preppers we are all prepared with bugout bags and equipment that will make our lives easier should we feel the need to flee to a quieter area, away from potential dangers of a SHTF situation.

However, the space we have to carry our equipment is very limited - essentially just a rucksack with the most important survival kit.​

Which, in itself, asks the question: "what is the most important equipment to pack for survival ?"​

Short term bugout is relatively easy to pack for.

Dehydrated foods and a water filter will give you a months supplies with very little space taken up in your bugout bag along with you other survival gear.

But what happens if that bugout becomes prolonged,
going for on longer than you thought?

If this were the case, you need to ask yourself a question - What have you taken with you to ensure you can hunt for food and actually feed yourself and your family?

For small game like the rabbit, squirrel or pheasant, I would always have my air rifle with me - an air rifle is the ideal tool for this job.  Quiet, efficient and accurate enough to put food on the table each day.

Although an excellent hunting tool, there are, of course, a few drawbacks with the air rifle, in so much as mechanical failure is a potential risk factor to consider. ​

Noise levels can also be an issue in certain circumstances, as well as the fact that you have limited ammunition, and once its gone its gone.​

Other than that, I highly recommend the air rifle as a very good small game hunting tool.
I have quite a few air rifle articles here.

There is also the often overlooked and humble catapult.  A hunting tool that I highly recommend, and well worth keeping in your bugout bag.

It ticks all the survival boxes and there's an unlimited supply of ammo as well.​

Never underestimate this very good means of food procurement.  Here's a few article I have on catapults:

Silent Hunting With A Catapult

How To Shoot A Catapult Properly

Best Hunting Catapults For Survival​

Which brings me nicely onto the main point of this article:
What other hunting tools are available?

 But not only available, they need to be compact and light enough to fit in your bugout bag, yet man enough to do the job.​
They need to have very few moving parts that would cause failure AND be powerful enough to procure larger game if required.

This 'other' tool is the Survival Bow.  Used for centuries, it has proved its worth, but now, for a bow to reach the heights of ​a true hunting and survival bow it must meet with the 8 critical characteristics of design:

1. Effective bow length
2. Overall packaged length
3. Corrosion resistance
4. Durability
5. Positive limb retention
6. Protection of arrows
7. Zero tool or maintenance requirements
8. Truly ambidextrous

These 8 essential design elements are what makes a true survival bow.  When you achieve this, you have a  preppers dream that ticks every box for a survival tool that will ensure long life, and a means to procure food in a SHTF situation.

I have been very fortunate to get my hands on ​one such hunting tool that efficiently covers all the points above:
The SAS Tactical Survival Bow, with SAS standing for 'Survival Archery Systems
Designed in South Africa, manufactured in the USA , and sold worldwide, this compact bow offers us preppers a very good solution to bugout food procurement.

As you can see here in the photo, the SAS bow is 'super compact', and will fold down to just 21"..!

It is also capable of holding upto 5 take-down arrows within the body​, and it all fits into a custom made carry case that will fit inside your rucksack.

The carry case itself also double up as an arrow quiver if you want.​

And weight? Well I'm very impressed with this bow as it comes in at a mere 1kg (2.2lb) - that's some impressive statistics eh..!

I though at first that the effort made to get that 1kg weight and under 21" would mean a compromise in other areas. ​Strength being my main concern.  Shedding weight and making something smaller than usual normally means giving up something along the way.
And that something is usually strength and performance.

But again, looking closely at the SAS Tactical Bow it would appear I have been proved wrong.

Not for the first time I know!

But have a look at the photo, and in particular the limbs and riser detail.

They have impressive manufacture details that, to be honest, I'd like to see on some other bows..!

Essentially the SAS Tactical Bow has only 6 moving part:

  • 2x high grade composite limbs - CNC machined and coated
  • 1x aerospace grade T6 aluminium riser - CNC machines and coated
  • 2x retaining pivot pins - marine grade 316 stainless steel
  • 1x 16 strand B50 Dacron string

It also comes with 1x 'Bear' arrow rest and 2x nylon retaining pin screws, but the bow is safe to use without the pins if necessary - but I would always lock them in place just for peace of mind.

As for the actual carry case, is very well made and stitched, and works well as a storage and carry pouch for the bow as well as an arrow quiver case.​

Moving on:  This bow also comes with three, two part 31" aluminium takedown arrows.

** Eastern Gamegetter XX75 aluminum arrow made from 7075-T9 alloy, with 4" vanes.

Which make use of a specially designed marine grade 316 stainless steel insert to allow quick and easy assembly.

It is easily possible to put the 3x take-down arrows into the hollow riser body for storage when carrying the bow in it's case.

This in itself makes the bow such a compact unit, and will protect your arrows when in transit.

You can fit 5 arrows in, with a push.  There is a specific sequence to fit them in, but they do fit.​

For the latest prices & availability click here: SAS Tactical Bow

Full Video Test & Review 
SAS Tactical Survival Bow 

Of course the only real way to show off the features of this great bow system is to fully test it.  So here's my review video - Enjoy and please comment.

Buy Here:

Steve Hart UK Prepper

Well, there you have it folks, the SAS Tactical Bow System.  I think you'll agree with me, this one good bit of preppers kit.

In fact, I would say that if its on your preppers list, then go out and get yourself one.

As I showed on the video, I only needed to make very minor adjustments to suit my needs and archery style.
String silences, finger cushions and a comfy grip are nothing I consider major​, and certainly didn't defer from the fact that this is a quality product, well suited to all prepping and survival needs.

I will be going 'full on camo' with a new paint job soon​.  So I'm hoping to add that to the review as well as some time.

In the meantime, Happy Prepping Folks.​

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    • Wayne Hall on November 8, 2018 at 1:18 pm
    • Reply

    Can you tell me what is the maximum distance the sas survival bow at 501lb pull can hit its target accurately, will they be bringing out a system that is more pulling power say 601lbs or more.
    cheers wayne

  1. Hi great video and review. I shoot long bow 55lb Bickerstaff bow, but I like this take down bow. looks great to shoot compact easy to carry and disappear with in a hurry. I don’t have an air rifle and intend to stick to the bow, but saying that a catapult is a good idea. Is it possible to send a reply as I cannot seem to be able to find a UK seller. Again great video

  2. You guys should have a little catapult with you at all times haha thats a great little back up weapon. something like how marines have a pistol with them along with there AR-15

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