SAS Recon Folding Bow For Hunting Survival And Prepping

SAS Recon Folding Bow
For Hunting Survival And Prepping

Using a bow as a hunting tool, or as a self defence weapon, have been around for centuries,  In a SHTF situation, a bow is one of the most versatile tools to have in your pack.
However, there are a few drawbacks with a conventional bow, namely, the fixed physical length, strength and robust materials, as well as compact size which limits it to being transported outside your pack.

In this article and video test review I am testing out the latest hunting, compact  takedown bow from SAS - Survival Archery Systems.

The SAS Recon Folding Survival Bow is the big brother of the slightly smaller SAS Tactical Survival Bow which I reviewed last year.  See that full video review here: SAS Tactical Survival Bow

The SAS Recon Bow in the folded transport position

Below are the main essential features of a compact survival bow: A good survival bow must have ALL these features. 

1. Effective bow length
2. Overall packaged length
3. Corrosion resistance
4. Durability
5. Positive limb retention
6. Protection of arrows
7. Zero tool or maintenance requirements
8. Truly ambidextrous

In my test I pay particular attention to the essential features and show why I think this is the best compact survival bow on the market today.

This is my video review and test of the SAS Recon Folding Bow

SAS Recon Folding Bow

XX75 GameGetter Arrows

Steve Hart UK Prepper

As you can see in the video, this really is a good bit of essential survival and prepping kit. Without doubt ranking top of the list for 'no frills', solid equipment, that will perform again and again.
I really like it. It's bomb proof gear that is ideal for prepping.

A lot of time, and design effort have gone into making this bow an effective hunting tool that will last you a very long time.

Would I recommend the SAS Recon Folding Survival Bow?

Absolutely.  100% every time. It's the AK47 of the bow world, and I really enjoyed testing it out.
I could not find fault with it, in fact, the only problem I had was my own poof archery skills.!

Happy Prepping Folks

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    • John Fikenscher on May 4, 2020 at 1:49 pm
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    Pls inform me where and how to purchase the SAS recon foldable bow.
    Cheers John

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