Survival Water Bottle With Filter

What is the best Water Bottle with Filter for Survival?

With so many to choose from, what portable water filter is best for survival 

Every Prepper knows the importance given to the acquisition of water supplies and how necessary it is to ensure you have ample clean drinkable water to ensure a higher chance of survival.

When the SHTF your water supply is going to be severally compromised.

There are just so many factors that can render the water that comes out of your tap either dangerous to drink or non existent.

Either way, without a good clean source of drinkable water you are stuffed....!

How would you cope if you opened your tap one morning and this came out? Or worse still, if nothing came out.

Just about all UK water supplies are fed from a reservoir that could very easily be contaminated at so many different levels and by so many different sources.

The whole pumping station could go down if there was a simple 'grid down' situation - the result would be dirty undrinkable water at best.

What about having to leave your home in a bug out scenario and being forced to find refuge away from a 'clean' water supply?

All these situations are very possible - which is why is it so important to have a good method of purifying your drinking water.

To be fully prepared for both situations
the best compromise is a portable water bottle with filter.

As with all good prepping practice. The thinking behind this method covers all angles of survival in one bit of equipment. The equipment itself can be used for several purposes, thus making it perfect for us preppers.

The water bottle with filter can be used in three specific ways:

  • Use the bottle for simple water collection
  • As a storage bottle.
  • As a standard drinking water bottle
  • As a fully filtered and purified drinking water bottle. 

I am using the "Water To Go" filter bottle as a typical example of a very good survival product. This is a water bottle with filter than can be used in all the ways explained above.

I am also using this as an example because I have 100% confidence in the product. I own a couple myself, I use them and have never had anything but success with them - so why not spread the word to all fellow preppers..?


In fact, if you are interested in getting yourself a bottle or two, I have negotiated a special 15% discount price code for readers of the UK Preppers Guide website - see details of discount promo code here.

Why is a water bottle with filter so essential for survival?

  • Do you really want to have to carry gallons of water around?
    Of course you don't. Who the hell does..?
    We go to great lengths to reduce our pack weight, checking this and that to see where we can save a few ounces.  
  • Do you want to carry around some big complicated filtration setup?
    Again, no, of course you don't. Far too complicated.  Remember the old preppers phrase, KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid.
  • Do you want carry extra bottles for collecting you drinking water?
    No, no and again no...  One bottle will do the trick here.

When the SHTF and you want to Get Out of Dodge Fast - this has got to be your number 1 choice for instant safe filtered drinking water, and here's a few reasons why:

    • Very lightweight - 50cl bottle = 89 grams  /  75cl bottle = 138 grams.
    • Provides 130 ltrs of clean filtered drinking water, 50cl bottle & 200 ltrs in the 75 cl bottle
    • Filters 99.9% of microbiological contamination and more.
    • Drink from ANY fresh water source. [this means not to be used with sea water]
    • Fully tested and approved
    • Replaceable filters - the new 50cl bottle has a unique timer for filter replacement.

If you want to order this filter bottle, please see my full video review here,
or go straight to their website and use your 15% UK Preppers Guide discount promo code here.

I love this great survival product.
Take a look at my full report which includes my test video of the whole water bottle with filter - I test it thoroughly, I run contaminated, stagnant pond water through it and you see the actual results that I drink....  
View the Water To Go video review here. 

*and pick up your 15% discount promo code as well..

Happy Prepping Folks.


Want to know more? Checkout all my water related articles here.

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    • Bottle Water Purifier on May 2, 2017 at 12:09 pm
    • Reply

    Water filter bottle really helpful tool during hiking and camping.

  1. Thanks for doing this review and video. Seems like a great solution, just ordered one.

    • John on February 28, 2015 at 1:11 am
    • Reply

    I know it’s a bit off topic, and apologise in advance. I’ve read a few articles about water storage, from our Colonial Friends, across the Pond. In some brief online searches I’ve found some companies who’ll supply ‘gamma seal’ tops for buckets, in the uk – but, at £20 each, it sounds rather steep to store water. Any ideas for something more cost effective?

    • Jake101 on February 27, 2015 at 11:26 am
    • Reply

    I have had the ‘old style’ black bottle for over a year now and it has worked very well.
    Definitely liking the look of the new style, especially with the colour change filter – nice one.

    Might have to invest in this..!!!

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