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Natural Herbs And Plants For Medicine And Illness That You Should Be Storing

Best Medicinal Plants for Survival and when the sHTFFrom the very first beginning man looked at nature to provide everything he needed for survival.  They considered plants to have a somewhat magical power, possessing healing powers and the ability to cure anything from aches and pains, to severe illness.These medicinal plants became the mainstay of …

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The Gerber Field Sharpener Review – How To Sharpen Knives The Easy Way

how to sharpen knives, gerber knife sharpener

How To Sharpen Knives The Easy WayGerber Field SharpenerAs a prepper you will have acquired the odd survival knife or two, also a multi tool and probably a Swiss Army Knife as well – am I right.?!When you bought them, there were nice and sharp and ready for action. and you make shaving sharp and fine tuned them by giving them the …

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Bushbox XL Survival Stove Review

bushbox video review

Wild Camping or Bug Out Cooking Stove Review  Bushbox XL The perfect wood burning stove for wild camping or bug outFirst of of a decent cooking stove is an essential part of your bug out kit and as such needs to meet a few specific requirements to be considered worth taking with you.  Must be …

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Legal Pepper Spray for the UK

legal pepper spray for the Uk

Pepper Spray For Use In The UKFor Non Lethal Survival Defence Carrying an offensive weapon in the UK is taken very seriously by our police and judges – so much so that most “weapons” are considered as illegal to carry.Likewise, UK laws regarding self defence are quite strict for any member of the general public …

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Grizzly Bushcraft Buddy Camo Outdoor Pocket Knife Review

Great value for money everyday carry knifeIn this knife review I’m looking at the Grizzly Bushcraft Buddy Camo Unisex Outdoor Pocket Knife. It’s a UK legal carry knife at a very affordable price.I decided to review it because it was recommend to me by a friend who just purchased one and was raving about it!So …

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Bushcraft Skills How To Make A Simple Survival Snare Trap [updated]

How To Make A Simple Survival Snare TrapPart of the top 10 skills that you require to keep alive in a survival situation is having some knowledge on how to procure you food.You can supplement you food supplies with foraged foods and edible plants and gain important nutrients, but when it comes to actual survival …

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Drinking Water Myths and Wives Tales [updated]

Drinking Water Myths And Wives TalesThere are many drinking water myths and wives tales about finding and drinking water in a survival or disaster situation. By following these old tales you could easily land up in a worse condition than when you started…They could even lead to severe illness and even death. Below is the most commonly …

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How To Care For Elderly Relatives And SHTF

 How Do You Care For Elderly Relatives when the SHTF. Bug out or bug can be a problem to able bodied preppers, but How Do You Care For Elderly Relatives when the SHTF. What if they are ill or have dementia? Or maybe they are very weak and physically unable?Make The Right Decision The process of making …

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Is Prepping Good Enough To Survive A SHTF Disaster

Is Prepping Good Enough To Survive A SHTF Disaster”There are some simple facts that preppers seem to block out from their overall plan. Ignoring these facts is a road to sure fire problems in the future”.Most of us have the bases covered when it comes to basic survival. we have food and water supplies, a means …

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UK Gun Laws

What Are The UK Gun lawsGun ownership is considered to be a privilege rather than a right and the control of firearms in the UK are definitely one of the more closely monitored and toughest in the world. As a direct result of these UK Gun Laws the amount of firearm offences make up less …

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Emergency Preparedness – Signs And Treatment Of Heatstroke | Hyperthermia

Emergency PreparednessHEATSTROKEHeatstroke Prevention must be part of your emergency preparedness, however, in some cases you may not be able to prepare properly so it is important that you know how to protect yourself using what is available in your environment. Preventing injuries, and being proactive in protecting yourself against things like hypothermia, hyperthermia (heat stroke), frostbite and …

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Superfood For Survival | How To Make Stinging Nettle Tea

Natures Super FoodHow To Make Stinging Nettle TeaEvery survivalist needs to know how to forage for foods, but not all natural foods are equal…In this article I want to cover the advantages of drinking stinging nettle tea and how to make stinging nettle tea when you’re out in the woods. The drink itself is very refreshing …

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