Five C’s Of Bushcraft, Survival And Prepping

Do you know the five c's of survival?

 Finding yourself caught out in a dangerous situation is going to pose several different survival scenarios, all unique but nothing that can't be overcome with the correct gear in your pack.  

 Having any one, or a combination of the five C's of survival will give you a greater chance of making a bad situation better and more comfortable until you get out of trouble or help arrives.
 Whether it's bushcraft, Survival or Prepping, these basic rules apply.

The more knowledge you have on a subject, the easier it will become.
This applies 100% to surviving.
So although we are covering the five C's of survival, essentially they would rendered useless without any knowledge of bushcraft and prepping in the first place. Learn as much as you can and apply the 5 C's........

the five c's of survival

* Each 'C' also overlaps other survival tasks and priorities.

  • Cover

e.g: poncho or tarp

  • First-Aid or Self-Aid – protecting body temperature
  • Shelter – gives cover from elements, helps protect body temperature
  • Signalling – bright colours attract rescuers 

Although there are many companies offering tarps for less money, I have several DD Tarps and I would highly recommend over their competitors. 

They are very good quality and offer a great range of sizes and colours.
The 4×4 is enormous with tie point at every corner and across the tarp, making every configuration possible.

They are also light and one thing I especially like about the DD Tarpis that they give you a decently sized stuff sack for each tarp size.

I can’t stand fighting with a tiny little stuff sack to put my gear away!

  • Cutting

e.g: knife or axe

  • First-Aid or Self-Aid – craft splints for injured limbs, remove wooden splinters, etc.
  • Shelter – form shelter stakes and toggles, supports, and remove branches etc
  • Fire – striking a ferro rod use, carve utensils, processing feather sticks, process wood and kindling
  • Food – butchering and preparing game and fish, collecting and digging for edibles
  • Your knife doesn't have to be an expensive, custom, hand made one either:

    Just a simple, straightforward knife like this Mora Outdoor Companion would be enough to do most tasks.

    There the right size to tackle most jobs and tough as nails!
    See my other article where I do a complete rundown on the types and quality of the Mora Knife here: Mora Knife Review

    • Combustion

    e.g: lighter or fero rod

  • First-Aid or Self-Aid – sterilising cutting tools or needles
  • Shelter – heat: body temperature control
  • Water – boiler up for purification
  • Fire – enables you to build fire:  (ignition source, fuel, oxygen)
  • Signalling – smoke rescue signal
  • Food – sterilising and cooking
  • Again the Ferro Rod you buy does not need to be one of those super rods on the market.

    I have found the Light My Fire ferro rod to be a very reliable tool when it comes to producing a shower of excellent sparks.
    I would highly recommend it…

    • Cordage

    e.g: paracord or bankline

    • First-Aid or Self-Aid – makeshift slings, tornaqui or assisting a pressure wraps, and bandaging
    • Shelter – guide ropes, ridge lines, lashings and securing knots
    • Food – animal snares, fishing line/nets, hanging food away animals etc.

    Not all paracord is equal.
    The most reliable is paracord that has the MilSpec standard. Namely the 550 standard, which means it has been tested to withstand a minimum of 550lb breaking strain.

    The Wild Elk American 550 Paracord, shown here has that standard.

    I use this brand all the time and have never had any problems.

    • Container

    e.g: s/s water bottle or billy can

    • First-Aid or Self-Aid – infusions: herbal teas and drinks
    • Water – boiling up to make safe, storing and transporting water
    • Fire – use metal water container to prepare char cloth for fire transportation
    • Food – collect wild edibles and cooking 

    Your container is something I would recommend spending money on.
    Quality definitely overrides price here.  I use and highly recommend you look at using something like the Pathfinder PTH003 kit.

    It’s a bombproof piece of kit, well-made and versatile – you can’t go far wrong here….

    So there you go folks, the five C's of survival.
    Cover, Cutting, Combustion, Cordage and Container.

    Always have these five items to hand and your half way there to surviving.

    Of course don't forget, never stop learning about Bushcraft, Prepping or Survival, because this lot wont help you at all if you don't know what to do with it..!!

    Steve Hart  -  UK Preppers Guide

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      • Jeff on July 14, 2019 at 12:45 am
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      Hey lite but practical humour
      6c’s= Condoms
      Many uses to keep you alive

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