Grizzly Bushcraft Buddy Camo Outdoor Pocket Knife Review

Great value for money everyday carry knife

In this knife review I'm looking at the Grizzly Bushcraft Buddy Camo Unisex Outdoor Pocket Knife. It's a UK legal carry knife at a very affordable price.
I decided to review it because it was recommend to me by a friend who just purchased one and was raving about it!

So I just popped over to Amazon and bought myself the knife to try out.

Fortunately I use Amazon Prime so I saved myself a cool £4.99 on postage as well as getting it the next day, result...

So, the knife duly arrived the next day as promised and, although I had not real use for the packaging, I must say it was wrapped up good as to prevent damage, and was inside in its own box.

When inspecting the knife, I could see there was no damage or scuff marks on it at all. 

A1 condition and top marks to Grizzly. 

first impressions of the grizzly bushcraft buddy

Most noteworthy, straight out of the box, although there wasn't really a box to open, the Grizzly looked the part.
I chose the camo version although there is a choice of three handle versions, shown here: 

Camo Handle:

Black/Grey Handle:

Wood Effect Handle:

Amazon reviews?

Before I anything on Amazon I checkout the reviews, just to get a feel of what people as saying and so checking out this knife was no different.

At the time of writing this knife review there were some 236 reviewers, giving a 61% five star review, 16% a four star and only 6% giving one star.

To be honest, most one star reviews sited the blade needing sharpening! Well, all blades need sharpening at some point!
I always give a new blade a blast on the strop before I use it, and your going to have to sharpen it at some time.....
So needless to say, that didn't worry me...

Grizzly Bushcraft Buddy review

Let's get a few statistics out the way first:

  • blade Length: 70mm
  • blade type: fully folding & enclosed in body
  • blade Structure; non locking 
  • blade material: Stainless steel
  • blade thickness; 3mm

The blade is blend between a drop point and a spear point, with a square flat grind to the top.

The actual grind on the cutting edge is a standard double bevel, making it super easer to hone to a fine edge.

I have found that this type of edge grind gives you greater strength than the majority of edge shapes due to the amount of blade thickness behind the cutting edge.

legal UK carry?

With the specifications above, the Grizzly Bushcraft Buddy becomes perfectly legal to own, carry and use here in the UK.
With common sense....

For that reason user discretion is advised, especially in certain places where they may have there own specific rules in place regarding carrying knives into private buildings.

Furthermore it could be argued that the blade is close to a spear point, the law exemplifies this as this is a non locking pocket knife with a blade under 3" and, as such, it is exempt from S139 Points & Blades section

uses for this type of knife

Although advertised as a bushcraft knife, I would say it depends very much on what type of bushcraft you are doing?
Whittling, cutting paracord etc, a resounding yes. Battoning or chopping of large logs, no. But then again, use an axe for that!!

in this video i run though the features of the Grizzly Bushcraft Buddy

is worth it?

I have absolutely no problems in recommending the Gizzly Bushcraft Buddy Outdoor Pocket Knife.

Consequently it's fantastic value for money, and does exactly what it says on the box!
In fact I would go so far as to say; You would have you deliberately try and brake this knife to get it to fail.

I paid £18.99 all in for mine [in delivery, through Amazon Prime]. 

But If Your Reading This Months From Now, It May Of Changed.  Check Price Here On Amazon

As you saw in my video, I tried to kill it! I abused it, something I wouldn't recommend, and it still survived.
So for what it's ment to do, it outperformed my expectations.

As an everyday carry pocket knife it's ideal.

As an 'around the home' utility knife it's ideal.
But most of all, as a bushcraft pocket knife.
It really works for me.

Steve Hart  -  UK Preppers Guide

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