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Mar 21 2017

UK Knife Law updated March 2017 | Legal knife Carry UK

What Is The UK Knife Lawupdate March 2017 Owning and carrying a knife in Britain has always been an area that preppers need be fully aware of but, do you know what the UK Knife Law actually is? ​If you were to go out carrying a knife, would you know if your breaking the law or …

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May 14 2016

UK Legal Pepper Spray for Self Defence | Video Review And Test

farb gel legal pepper spray

What Are The UK LegalAlternatives To Pepper Spray for Self Defence?BASIC SPRAYCurrent price under £11Best price – AmazonTIW Farb Gel Criminal Identifier SpraySPRAY + BELT POUCHCurrent price under £14Best price – Amazon​TIW Farb Gel Criminal Identifier Spray With Protective Carry PouchBEST BUYCurrent price under £16Best price – Amazon​TIW Farb Gel Criminal Identifier Spray – Twin …

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Jun 23 2014

UK Gun Laws

What Are The UK Gun lawsGun ownership is considered to be a privilege rather than a right and the control of firearms in the UK are definitely one of the more closely monitored and toughest in the world. As a direct result of these UK Gun Laws the amount of firearm offences make up less …

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Jan 26 2014

UK Non Lethal Self Defence Weapon – LED Strobe Torch | Full Review

UK Non Lethal Self Defence Weapon – LED Strobe TorchWith the UK Laws being so strict on the possession of weapons and the carrying of weapons, it makes life very difficult to defend against, would be attackers. You are breaking the UK law if you are stopped and searched, You are breaking the UK law if you areHowever, …

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