Best Emergency Water Purification For Bugging Out

Best Emergency Water Purification For Bugging Out 


Once the decision has been made to Bug Out,  all preppers should be fully lifesaver jerry canprepared with a full Bug Out Survival Kit loaded and ready to go. This must include a good water purification method. So choosing the Best Emergency Water Purification For Bugging Out becomes very important for UK Preppers.

This must include a supply of essential water including drinking water that you have calculated at an absolute bare minimum of 1 gallon per person per day. Any less and you have not prepared well enough.

The problem is, how much water, is enough water.?

And… can you transport all you might need.?

The answer is quite obviously, you have no idea how much is enough, let alone, how your going to transport all you might need. 

Ideally, there is already a cache of useable water at you bug out location and you have calculated the how long this will last.

Now, assuming a family of 4 bugging out for just one month means you will need the very minimum of some 120 gallons of stored water – and that’s an absolute minimum.

But, if you are forced to bug out long term, then what.?  

How do you get a supply of fresh, sterile drinking water every day.?

Fortunately there is an answer for preppers that just requires two components –

  1. A water source, a river or pond, stream or collected rain water
  2. A method of emergency water purification

And that’s it – regardless of the amount of stored water you may have, you can always top it up and have a constant supply by using a water filter that provides the emergency water purification you need for quality drinking  water.

There are a few good water purification systems on the market today, but, without doubt one of the best that I recommend is the Life Saver Jerry Can Water Purification System.

 I like this water filter a lot for many reason – heres my list why it’s just so dam good – 

  • It’s basically ‘idiot proof’ you simply fill up, pump and pourwater filter lifesaver jerry can
  • It will filter just about any old water you care to find
  • You don’t need any electrical power source to make it work
  • The jerry can holds 4 gallons of water 
  • It will purify over 4000 gallons of water
  • It even has a shower and wash hose…!

Don’t believe me..?! –  Take a look at this video.

Find out some more and view on Amazon >

link to:  Life Saver Jerry Can Water Purification System


This system is, without doubt, one of the very best around, which makes it our Best Emergency Water Purification For Bugging Out and certainly well worth the money when you consider what you get – remember water is your number one essential item and therefore must be up there at the top of your priority survival list.