Survival EDC – Stash Cash Waterproof Money Clip

Survival Every Day Carry – Stash Cash Waterproof Money Clip cash stash money storage

Cash is king – and when the SHTF and the CashPoint Machines don’t work and no one can buy anything electronically you WILL NEED CASH.

There are certain items that make up the parts of every preppers EDC and ensuring you have cash with you is one of those essential items.

I use one of these compact money holders that just clip to your keyring and you have it with you at all times –   CashStash Keyring Money Holder is a clever little device and ticks all the boxes us prepper need –


  • Aircraft Grade Aluminium Capsule 
  • Stainless Steel CashClip
  • Waterproof O Ring
  • 10mm Split Ring 
  • Key ring attachment

cash stash keyring box


This neat little capsule keeps your money safe and dry and also comes in a very useful 1.8mm thick plastic container with a snap close lock.

It’s also sandproof, splashproof, weatherproof, windproof and snowproof – it is not a 100% waterproof container, but very near.

Keep this…. as it is a nice little bonus that you can put bits in  to keep dry – ideal for anything slim and electronic like a mobile phone or cables etc.


The CashStash is ideal for preppers to ensure you always have a bit of extra money on you at all times – but probably the best bits are, it’s well made, secure and cheap to buy at only £6.50 inc VAT & delivery….stash cash


Remember, this is a compact bit of kit and designed to go on a keyring so getting a £20 inside can be a bit fiddley, it took me a couple of tries at


My tip on this is be patient and neatly roll the note up first then put the note into the cap end before trying to get it into the main holder. The cap is a fraction smaller than the inside diameter of the holder so you know it will go in if it’s inside the cap first.

The CashStash can be found here:  CashStash – Black 





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