Water Storage Methods for UK Preppers

Water Storage Methods for UK Preppers 

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You can last 3 weeks without food


3 days without water


After 3 days without water your internal organs begin to shut down and become damaged leading to a very fast death. This makes both short and long term water storage, a very high priority for any survivalist.

When you consider our body is about 75% water, you don't need to be a boffin to realise that loosing any of that water will effect the rest of your body in various ways.

In fact as little as a 2%t loss in the water surrounding our cells will give a of result some 20% drop in your energy levels. That's how important water is for your body.

The 'experts' say that we should allow a minimum of 1.5 litres of water per person per day for drinking. I think it is a little too low as there are many additional factors that can effect it.
safe water in glasses

  • Your body weight
  • Physical condition and health 
  • Amount of physical activity each day
  • Altitude
  • Climate conditions

Remember that you don't just use water for drinking - Add the fact that you will also need water for personal hygiene, cooking, washing clothes and what if you have pets, they need water to survive too.

So, 1.5 litres for drinking, needs to be increased considerably. I would say anything up to 8 litres per person per day need to be stored in order to have enough for all normal tasks as well just drinking water.. 

Best types of water storage for Preppers:

 CPD Water Bottle 15 Litre ]Most UK citizens live in built up urban areas - even a small town will have tens of thousands of people - so huge amounts of water storage are out of the question for most UK Preppers.
Without doubt the least fiddly and simplest method is to build up a store of bottled water is - not hundreds of the little 1 ltr bottles but the larger and easily manageable 15 ltr [3.3 gallons] bottles.

The very type you see on the office drinking machines. You will get 15 ltrs of pure drinkable water already sealed in a purified plastic bottle that has a minimum of 1 year shelf life, all ready for you to just store away - how easy can that be.!

Using this water storage method will make your life much easier, and it works out very cheap, at around 75p per litre.. The 15 litre CPD Water Bottle shown here is perfect for the job.

Best method for bottled water storage:

Once you have started your emergency water storage it must be kept in conditions that will give maximum shelf life of your survival water stores.

This means you should be looking at a minimum of 1 year shelf life for each container that is fresh and direct from the manufacturer. Always look at the date stamp on the bottle to ensure your emergency water has a minimum of the 1 year when you buy it.

Remember, rotate your stock and use the water as you would in normal everyday use, starting with the nearest use by date - as you use one bottle, restock with two new ones, they the go at the back of the pile - that way you not only refresh your stock but add to it each time.

A survival situation that exceeds a the use by date will mean making the decision as to using older, out of date, bottles - to my way of thinking, providing you have stored them in conditions that will help preserve them, eg: cool, constant temperature and dark storage, you will be safe to use for a much longer time.

Once the containers have been used, they can be reused and filled with filtered water and ready to used again.

Essential storage methods of your emergency water:  

  • Store all survival water in a dry room
  • Store all survival water away from any direct or indirect sunlight
  • Store survival water in a cool room
  • Date mark all survival water and use in rotation to ensure a 1 year store
  • Do not buy bulk amounts of 15 ltr bottles all at once - buy each month to ensure they all have a 1 year shelf life that runs consecutively
  • Do not store your survival water anywhere near fuel products - petrol, diesel etc
  • Check for any signs of leakage regularly

Additional emergency water equipment:


In a survival situation it's very possible for all electrical power to be down, so, it's essential to have a good, easy and totally power free method of decanting your survival water from the 15 litre storage bottles.

This is an excellent little gadget worth investing is to make life a little easier.

It requires no electric to delivery your water from the 15 litre bottles, there's no fiddling around, lifting and trying to turn the heavy bottles upside down either - its a simple bottle pump.

The Easy Hand Press Pump  ,shown here, is a very effective method...

The  Easy Hand Press Pump  is very good value, at under £20.00 so it's well worth considering at least two or more of these as backups.
These types of Water Storage Methods for UK Preppers are excellent ways to ensure you have a backup supply of fresh, safe and drinkable water and offer you the ability to store lots of water in various places making these a preppers favourite.