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Dec 16 2017

Crossbow Laws UK

women with crossbow

Do You Know The UK Crossbow Law?As a prepper it is important to have a variety of good hunting tools at your disposal.One of the very best is the crossbow – a silent, accurate and deadly hunting weapon that is well worth considering as a ‘must have’ bit of survival kit.However, as preppers, we have …

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Nov 12 2017

Legal Air Rifle & Air Gun Law | What Is The UK Law


UK Airgun Law Air Rifle And Air Pistol Law​What you can, and cannot do with an air rifle are very strictly laid down in the UK law. In 2011 the UK Laws on airguns were amended and are the current standard to work from.As with most firearms the duty of care is very much on the …

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Nov 09 2017

UK Stop And Search Law

Do You Know The UK Stop And Search Law​The UK stop and search law is quite well defined and both you and the police have specific rights to help, and protect both parties during a search.The main thing to remember if you are ever in a situation is where a police officer tells you that you …

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Sep 20 2017

What Are The UK Self Defence Laws | Legal Self-Defence

What Are The UK Self Defence LawsWhat Is Self Defence?The self defence laws in the UK are quite clear, and are essentially based on past common experiences.The law itself is actually quite clearly good law, and in itself makes good sense, in that should you ever find yourself being involved in a situation where you …

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Mar 21 2017

UK Knife Law updated March 2017 | Legal knife Carry UK

man with open jacket full of knives

What Is The UK Knife Lawupdate March 2017 Owning and carrying a knife in Britain has always been an area that preppers need be fully aware of but, do you know what the UK Knife Law actually is?​If you were to go out carrying a knife, would you know if your breaking the law or …

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Jun 23 2014

UK Gun Laws

What Are The UK Gun lawsGun ownership is considered to be a privilege rather than a right and the control of firearms in the UK are definitely one of the more closely monitored and toughest in the world. As a direct result of these UK Gun Laws the amount of firearm offences make up less …

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