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Tick Tock Doomsday Clock Advances

domsday clock set at three minutes to mudnight

Tick Tock The Doomsday Clock Advances   Barely one month into 2015 and we have now entered into the most critical stage of our earth’s life – ever..   For anyone who is even vaguely interested in the global events that have been happening over the last year, you cannot be anything other than concerned …

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Big Prepping Year Ahead

UK Prepping Resolutions

Big Prepping Year Ahead Happy New Year Fellow Preppers.  Each new year brings some fresh challenges to us preppers. Not least is planning out the year ahead and how to make the most of our available time. There’s survival and bushcraft shows to go to. There’s bug out practice and kit bag improvements to be …

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UK Prepping Facts

fact tattoo on fist

UK Prepping Facts Today I want to share some prepping facts with you. Nothing too fancy, just some simple figures to give you an idea of the way prepping is going in the UK today. As you may well know, the UK Preppers Guide website has been up and running for just over two years …

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What’s the use of prepping?

police rule riot picture

What’s the use of prepping? If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it a thousand times – “what’s the use of prepping?” Well, in the old days I used to try and convince people that it’s a good idea and they should prep for the unknown. But like anyone who is ignorant of a subject, …

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UK Prepping Blog

uk preppers guide blog

The Start Of The New UK Prepping Blog The UK Preppers Guide website has been running for over two years now and I thought it was about time to add a regular UK Prepping Blog.This is something I have been planning to do for a while now, but never had the time.I also deliberately turned …

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