Best Survival And Bushcraft Reference Book For Preppers | The SAS Handbook

Best Survival And Bushcraft
Reference Book For Preppers

The SAS Survival Guide by John 'Lofty' Wiseman is one of those books that requires very little introduction. In fact just about everyone I know who is involved with prepping, survival or bushcraft will know the name.

In this review I will cover why I think that every prepper should have a copy in their bugout bag.  For me it's my absolute 'go to' reference book, and makes many a pleasant wild camp nights reading, over and over again.

It's on of those 'don't leave home without it' kind of books.

* Who Is John 'Lofty' Wiseman?

John "Lofty" Wiseman is the author of the SAS Survival Handbook.  A reference book explaining, in detail, just how to survive in a wild or urban situation, and in any climatic conditions, whether you're  on land or on the sea, this book is still a groundbreaking reference for any outdoorsman..

John joined the British Parachute Regiment in 1958 and moved on to the Special Air Service Regiment in 1959. He actually set a forces record by becoming the youngest person ever to pass the SAS selection at the ripe old age of just 18..!

John served in the British SAS for over 26 years and was involved in many special forces operations between 1959 through to 1985. He was also a survival Instructor at the 22nd Special Airline Training School in Hereford

As well as taking part in many operations worldwide, John was Sergeant Major, B Squadron (Sabre Sqn) 22 SAS.

 As head of Operational Research 22 SAS, he helped to set up the SP Team, a team of highly trained counter hi-Jack specialists.

This SAS Counter-Terrorist Team became world famous during the Iranian Embassy Siege in London, when they were beamed live to the nation as they successfully saved hostages in a daring rescue mission.

John was one of the first soldiers to abseil down the building and breached entry into the embassy.

* List Of Contents

The SAS Survival Handbook really is essential reading for anyone involved with survival, and an absolute 'must have' for preppers and survivalists.

My pocket size edition is shown here with the old front cover.

You can buy the book in a compact sized Pocket Book Edition (currently £5).
This is ideal for you to keep in your bugout bag or coat pocket as reference.

Or there is a Paperback Book Size edition (£14). 

Each chapter covers the main areas of essential techniques you must have to keep alive in any survival situation, from having a survival mindset through to making snares and traps for food.

Steve Hart UK Prepper
I can't recommend this book highly enough. It has become the holy grail of survival manuals from someone who has actually been there and done it..! 

Currently a best seller on Amazon, and rightly so

If you only ever buy one survival book - this has to be the one..!

Happy Prepping Folks,  Steve

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