Building A Supply Stash For Hunkering Down And Bugging In

    The Importance Of Building A Supply Stash
    For Hunkering Down And Bugging In

    Everyone should have at least one months food and supplies stored in their homes before the SHTF

    If your one of the hundreds of thousands of citizens who haven't got yourself at least one months supplies of food and equipment, then it's game over for you I'm afraid.

    Building a supply stash for hunkering down and bugging in will mean building up a store of food and essential equipment, which is not too difficult, in fact I find it quite an easy task to amass a lot of the essentials required for hunkering down.

    The biggest problem is finding space to store you stash.!

    So being methodical and breaking down your supplies into 'bite sized' amounts can really be a life saver.

    Don't look at your prepping thinking that you have to get sacks and sacks of rice and pasta and dehydrated this and dehydrated that - try thinking more in terms of one month at at time.

    This method can be very beneficial and physiologically boosting as you progress from one months supplies to the next.

    You always have a short term goal, one month at a time - not only that, you can improve and perfect each month as you go along. As you do this, the whole 'task' of prepping becomes easier. It's almost like doing an extra monthly big shop!

    Food storage can be a vest subject and very variable, normally dictated by your individual likes and dis-likes. 
    There are going to be foods to be avoided - fresh produce like meat, which will go rancid within days if not refrigerated or dehydrated like jerky (see How To Made The Perfect Beef Jerky here.).
    Then there's fresh vegetables, these will last a few weeks at the most.

    The advantage of building a supply stash for hunkering down is, you already know most of the items needed for you to survive each month.

    So a lot of your food stash won't be much different to your everyday needs.

    Simply build up a double stock and rotate to keep maximum use by dates.

    Build that stock up over a few months and store away from your normal food store.
    You can now slowly add to this and build up more and different items.

    See more Food Storage articles here.

    For more information:

    This is a very good Ebook covering all aspects of the early stages of building up your prepping food stash.
    How to budget, plan and amass your essential supplies

    Now You Know It Can Be Done - How Do You Do It..?

    • Shelter
    • Food
    • Fire
    • Water
    • Sanitation
    • Protection


    A lot of you supplies will only need to be obtained once - things like sleeping bags (4 season / low temperature )  and winter clothing, these are you added to your main equipment store.

    If you now break down your basic survival needs to mimic the first half dozen important skills  of the Top Ten Survival Skills, you will have a good starting point to know what is needed when hunkering down.

    There are a few essential items that will
    make hunkering down much more comfortable 

    • Coffee, Tea & Hot Chocolate.
      A warm drink is a very effective and comforting thing during stressful situations - it will calm you, nourish you and help you to think more clearly.
    • Soap:

    As simple as it sounds a bar of soap will become a luxury item when the SHTF.

    A ‘Wet-Wipe-Wash’ is one thing but if you can’t shower for days or even weeks, then a nice scrub down with a bar of soap will work wonders with your moral and hygiene. 

    Use a soap that has universal uses – typically a soap like the Dr Bronner’s Peppermint Soap Bar will be perfect for the job.

    This soap is a preppers dream and will wash virtually anything - your face, hair & body, your clothes, use it for general cleaning, degreasing, in the dishwasher, for shaving and probably a lot more as well..!

    • Toothbrushes & Toothpaste:
      Ignoring the fact that bad breath is quite repulsive to some people (image the effect when hunkering down together.!), your teeth are a very important health issue, harbouring huge amounts of germs and bacteria.
      Decay will set in very quickly if your teeth are left uncleaned, resulting in tooth and gum decreases that can even be fatal.!
      One of the first things given to the Chilean Miners in the 2010 Copiapó mining accident, when they broke through to the underground cavern was toothbrushes and toothpaste, such is the importance of this essential sanitation item.
    • Toilet Rolls:
      Probably the most un-glamorous and most forgotten 'luxury' item on your hunkerdown list!
      Yet one of the most important items to make life a little more comfortable. 
      The biggest problem with building up a store of toilet rolls is the fact that they are very bulky. Even stocking up with a few months supply takes up huge amounts of space - it's a catch 22 situation.
      The fact that you can be expecting to ration your food intake will mean less trips to the loo, so a lower consumption, but if you ration the toilet paper usage to a minimum at least it will last longer!!
    • Bleach:
      Another totally un-glamorous item, but completely forgotten by most people.
      Sanitation is a critical factor in survival - we see it in war torn areas and areas of disasters. 

    Disease can bring you down quicker than anything if you live in conditions of poor sanitation.

    Bleach kills germs, simple as that. Watered down or neat it has a lot of uses for prepping and is essential for ensuring you are not inviting and germs into your safe area.

    In measured doses, bleach will purify water enough to allow for safe drinking water.

    These five simple items above are very easy to store, some being quite small and compact. Depending on family size, you could store most these in a shoe box and easily have a few months supply in your hunkering down stash.

    Now we come to the actual 'survival' part
    of building your supply stash for hunkering down

    Now I'm just going to touch on the surface here really, but you can go into a lot more depth for each section if you feel the need to:

    Heating And Your Survival Room:

    You are going to need a means to keep warm, this is one of your basic requirement for hunker down survival.
    If it's winter time you need to set aside a 'survival room' to pretty much live in all the time - avoid any room that's north facing and has no external walls (or as few as possible)
    Insulate that room with anything and everything you can - hang extra curtains across windows and doors, anything to stop the heat escaping. 
    Sleep in a all weather sleeping bag that's certified to at least zero degrees Celsius (32degF) or better, and also consider sleeping bags that join together to form a double - internal heat is considerably more when two people sleep in together in a double sleeping bag.

    Also, ensure you sleep off the floor and put insulation underneath you - a Mylar Survival Blanket is ideal for this and a very cheap method of insulation.

    Cooking Whilst Hunkering Down:

    Cooking in an enclosed room is a touchy subject - as adults we can use our common sense regarding gas canisters and the possibilities of breathing in dangerous fumes. 

    A small gas burner is probably your best bet for instant heat, to boil some water for example.

    Of course an open fireplace is nice, but think about all the attention you will be getting sending smoke signals to every unwanted person for miles around!

    There are some good other cooking methods that work very well.
    A solar cooker, like the GoSun Stove, shown here will cook food without being noticed and without having to make a fire.

    Drinking Water:

    The number one essential for survival, you water filter bottle is going to be the most convenient choice here.

    Provided you have access to a water source - a pond, collected rainwater or any similar source, a water filter bottle is a must.

    The 'LifeSaver' water filter bottle, shown here, will filter 4,000 litres and give you clean, safe drinking water from and dirty water source (*except sea water)
    I keep a couple of these plus spare filters and think they an absolute must have.

    With all the 'basic' survival items above you are now building a supply stash for hunkering down and bugging in that will give you a good chance of surviving a disaster.

    I have only really scratched the surface here, but even with just some food and provisions, cooking and sleeping equipment, some personal hygiene items, as well as being able to purify you drinking water, you increase your survival chances one hundred fold.

    In all honesty, you need these items now. Not when it's too late.

    Happy Prepping Folks.


    Steve Hart UK Preppers Guide
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      You don’t need toothpaste – I’ve been using saponified olive oil soap without glycerin and my teeth are great.

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