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What is Preparedness UK

what is preparedness for a uk prepper

What is the state of preparedness in the UKIs it possible for a total meltdown of our society? A lot of people are now realising we are in a very fragile time of this earths and mans evolution and there is a very real chance of a major shift across our planet.”What would the government do to …

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The Dooms Day Clock

man with big clock

What is the Dooms day Clock  In 1947, during the cold war era, governments and scientists assembled, forming what is known as the Dooms Day Clock. It represents the current state of the worlds nuclear position to world war and total destruction. It was agreed to be set on 7 minutes to midnight and has fluctuated closer and further to the midnight hour. …

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Best Bug Out Bag

rucksack with open top flap

Bug Out BagsA good Bug Out Bag must be designed to carry all the essential Survival Equipment for one person for a minimum of 72 hours. Every essential item you will need if you have to bug out fast. Ideal capacity is 50 ltrs or above, separated into several main compartments with side storage and the …

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Make time to prepare for a Doomsday Scenario

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You DO have the time to be a UK prepper Preparedness in the UK is on the increase as more and more people become aware of how easy it would be for a Dooms Day scenario too happen. To start becoming a prepper you need to set aside a little time to do your prepping. …

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Do You Know The Preppers Pyramid

pyramid photo

What is the preppers pyramid  Everything in our society has different levels of readiness for how to prepare for various situations. If you buy an extra tin of beans because you might need them as a back up one day is, in it’s simplest terms, a form of prepping for the unknown. In fact you would just about fall between the …

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Bug Out Bag Survival Kit

slider image of survival kit

Whats In Your Bu​g Out Bag Survival Kit.? The name Bug Out Bag can be a bit confusing sometimes, being known by several other different names:Grab Bag, Bug Out bag, 72hr Bag, Survival Bag – all meaning pretty much the same thing though. This is the one bit of survival equipment that is kept, packed ready …

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Long Term Bugout Survival | Cutting Tools | Part 3

Real Life Long Term B​ugout | SurvivalCUTTING TOOLSpart 3What do you need for long term survival in a bugout scenario?Part 3In bushcraft and survival you will always here the saying, “The 5 C’s Of Survival”. This is just a term to help you remember the most important and essential items needed to ensure you have …

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Long Term Bugout Survival | Equipment On Outside Of Bug Out Bag | Part 2

Real Life Long Term bug out:​Preliminary EquipmentOn Outside Of Bug Out Bagpart 2 What do you need for long term survival in a bugout scenario?Before you start to add gear to the inside of your pack, I would suggest starting from the outside, as there are certain items that should be accessible immediately. Your bugout plan …

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Long Term Bugout Survival | What Do You Really Need To Bug Out | Part 1

Real Life Long Term BUGOUT SURVIVALpart 1 What do you need for long term survival in a bugout scenario?Bugout and long term survival are two very different things, and many people get this mixed up, thinking that a bugout can sustain them for ever. A basic bugout generally means getting away from an immediate danger, putting …

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