Could You Find Supplies After SHTF

Could You Find Supplies After SHTF

A prepper is far more ready for the SHTF than your average Joe Soap

If the time were ever to come and disaster was to strike, it would be chaos.  As soon as the SHTF, anything could, and probably would go very bad, very fast.
As a prep­per you will have a huge advantage over your neighbour, by the simple fact that your far more prepared and ready to survive than the average citizen.
But there are concerns that over the long term, even the most seasoned and prepared of us all will eventually run out of essential supplies.

Although bushcraft and living of the land are an essential part of prepping, I still want my comforts. 

It's hard to tell how long it would be before the supermarkets and DIY stores were picked clean for the essentials. But certainly within a couple of weeks is the general consensus of opinion.

Certainly food and water would go fast, within days, with the less obvious items taking a little longer. But if you already know these places will be cleared out, it makes sense to go hunting for extra provisions elsewhere.

Sniffing out the goodies in places where the 'sheeple' may not think of.  Depending on the type of disaster, you will be able to overlook certain items straight away, this gives you more chance to hone in on the essentials for your survival.

Where will you find these extra essential items for your stache?

The number 1 places to head for are NOT supermarkets, food stores or restaurants. They would of been looted and cleared out on day one or even before. With the slightest sniff of a shortage of food the hoards will descend on any food store.
It will be top of their list and will be 'dog eat dog' full on supermarket warfare..!

* As a side note - I am generally talking food procurement here, but remember, right up there at the very top of the list is medical supplies and equipment. These are something that you must have prepped for, but topping up your supplies is always a bonus....

The first places to head for are ....

  • OFFICE BUILDINGS - this will be a great source of some additional supplies and equipment. Think about it, offices have water coolers and small kitchens. Some even have staff canteens. 
  • SCHOOLS: another great source. A school will almost certainly have a kitchen that's stocked up with large amounts of canned foods and equipment, as well as first aid and even clothing. A secondary school or collage will have a lot of other resources as well - maybe a metal working or woodwork class offering some extra gear.
  • FACTORIES; manufacturing factories will have a lot of equipment, tools and supplies that will certainly add to your stores. Other essential equipment like batteries and first aid will also be found there as well.

Other places worth considering

    • Amusement parks, zoos, cinemas - these will have food, water, first aid supplies, and maintenance tools.
    • Pawn shops - might be worth checking out especially for tools, weapons, and gold and silver.
    • Animal feed stores and pet shops - especially if you have pets. Animal foods can even provide enough nutrition for humans while your out looking for for more.
    • Fire sta­tions -  if abandoned. There should be plenty of first aid supplies, good tools, and lots of water. Possibly tens of thousands of gallons of water. Even if not directly drinkable it's still a great source.
    • Marinas and boat yards -  A source of food and good emergency equipment. 
    • Self-storage units - Although normally very secure, it's worth a try. These would be an excellent source for lots of survival gear.  Might be a bit pot luck though with hundreds of units to choose from.!
    • Abandoned houses - Although they would of been ransacked for food etc, it's worth a try for water. Most houses have at least one 50 gallon tank in the loft. Not drinkable but ok once filtered. 
    • Abandoned vehicles - well worth a look and a good source of supplies like batteries and fuel.

Surviving is all about thinking on your feet and adapting to the situation. Prepping is all about being ready for that situation before it happens.
Don't get caught out - get prepared first.

Happy Prepping Folks.


Steve Hart UK Preppers Guide
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    • J on November 28, 2016 at 8:00 pm
    • Reply

    Thanks for the info. Do you have a list of recommended resources / equipment that all peppers must have? Any sources for good, healthy, organic / gmo free, msg free, bpa free storable food?

    1. Hi J,
      I have lots of articles based around food here:
      Food Articles
      Don’t have any that highlight the more healthy options though.
      Might be something I should look into.

    • theres-a-storm-coming on November 28, 2016 at 10:00 am
    • Reply

    Glad you mentioned this one, because I spoke to someone who works in a supermarket petrol station on this very topic.

    A petrol station has tanks underground to store fuel.
    We’ve all seen tankers drive in to fill them up.

    What is the mechanical process?

    There are sealed (have to be sealed due to issues of containing gas) pipes which need to be unlocked – the tanker operator attaches a pipe from his vehicle to the unlocked pipe, and pumps fuel down.

    So could I bust one of these pipes open and drop a domestic hosepipe down there and start siphoning?

    “No!” insisted the supermarket staff, “cos the bottoms of the fuel tanks are full of crap – dirt, rust, and general gunk – stir it up with your hosepipe, you would need to be pumping and filtering what comes out”.

    So – my idea was a big pile of no good.

    As to hot wiring the pumps, you’d need to get in at a very basic point in the circuitry. When I go to the petrol station EITHER I have to wait for the cashier to “authorize” the pump (ie tap a button on her computer) or “authorize” the pump myself by putting in a debit/credit card). So we’re talking pop open the panel on the pump, and power up the pump WITHOUT any fancy computer technology “unlocking” it.

    I’ll see if I can get any more useful info at my local petrol station 😉

    • Roy on November 28, 2016 at 8:15 am
    • Reply

    In answer to Jordan and Numpty, most petrol stations systems have a cutout that stop the pump motor when the level gets below a certain point in the tank to stop the crap which settles at the bottom or air being drawn up. So even if it appears empty they’ll be a considerable ammount in the bottom which can be drawn up by a suitable sump pump, it migh need filtering or left to let water seperate out but when times are tough…….

    • Jordan on September 2, 2015 at 6:34 am
    • Reply

    Hi. I have a question
    If after the SHTF and you find you need to gather a amount of petrol for let’s say a generator or a long road trip, instead of just going round every car, smashing your way through the antisyphen grid and hopefully getting a couple of drops, couldn’t you “pop” to the gas station????
    Every time I fill up I hear the pump pushing fuel through the nozzle from inside the unit, couldn’t you take that panel off and Hotwire the power source with a generator to get the pump working and pump the fuel???????????????????
    Prepper Jordan from Essex

      • Numpty on September 2, 2015 at 3:46 pm
      • Reply

      I think its something you would have to do sharpish as its very likely that many other people would be doing that as well.
      But definately a way to get fuel.

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