Emergency Vehicle Escape Equipment For Prepping And Survival

Are You Prepared ?
Emergency Vehicle Escape Equipment For Prepping And Survival

Prepping is not just about being ready for doomsday and SHTF situations.  It cover all aspects of preparedness for all sorts of situations we might encounter.

In this article I look at the very real possibility of being involved in a car accident and finding yourself trapped in the car, unable to get out. 

What Would You Do If You Were Trapped In Your Car?​

Being involved in an accident and finding yourself trapped in your car is a very real scenario that has happened to thousands of people already.

In most car accident the bodywork will crumble - it's designed to do that and absorb the impact.  

But the problem with that is the fact that most doors then jam shut and cannot be opened, essentially trapping you inside.

In an emergency, the last thing you want is to be unable to get away from danger.​

This is not a good situation to put yourself or your family in, you must think ahead.​

Equipment I Have In My Car Specifically For This Emergency

This is the AutoXscape - a very good bit of kit that goes in the car and is with you ready for use if needed.

Below you can see my full video review of the AutoXscape Tool, showing exactly how it works and how it can benefit you in a case of a vehicle accident where you are trapped inside the car.

The Perfect Vehicle Escape Tool

As you can see in the video, this is a very good bit of prepping kit.
Designed very specifically for on main job - escaping from a vehicle where you are trapped inside.

​The added extra of a 20 hour battery life for the torch at 50 lumens and a very decent 4 hours at max power, plus the S.O.S function make this essential car carry for us preppers.

If you interested, here's the link to check out latest prices and availability. below:

Steve Hart UK Prepper

Hope this article was of use to you all.

This escape tool is one of those things that we tend to overlook, but would definitely be needed in an emergency.​

Happy Prepping Folks, ​

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