Grilliput Fire Bowl and Barbecue Test and Review


Testing and review of the Grilliput Fire Bowl and Folding Barbecue Grill.

grilliput grill and barbacue

There are many times when you’re out hiking or camping and you can have an open fire or barbecue but it needs to be contained and controlled.

Well, if you want to cook on an open fire, BBQ style, you definitely don’t want to be carrying around a ‘normal’ BBQ grill – it’s far too heavy and bulky for sure – weight is always an issue and choosing what to put in your rucksack or even your bug out bag, will restrict the type of gear you carry.

So what is the alternative?

I stumbled on this great bit of kit a while back and finally got a chance to try it out and review the Grilliput Fire Bowl and Folding Barbecue Grill.

This is my review:

The unit is sold in two separate parts:

Each part is designed to fold down into a very compact and lightweight unit, taking up minimal space within your rucksack – in fact, it’s easy to find space for the Grilliput within most rucksacks – you can set up the fire bowl in seconds, the grill will take you a little longer as everything is neatly ‘hidden’ within one of the tubular side supports and you assemble it all together to form the main grill.

That being said, you can be set up and be ready to barbecue within five minute – giving a safe, controlled and confined fire bowl to ensure you keep everything contained in one place.

Now, you can buy each item separately, and even use them separately if you want, but they are designed to work and fit together – I found this the best way.

When I opened my Grilliput firebowl  and Folding Barbecue Grill the first thing that strikes you is the fact that it’s all stainless steel and a very good finish, making it nice and easy to clean up after use – all the grill components come apart, which is good as they can all be wiped down and cleaned very easily as well – there’s also a ‘cleaning groove’ on one of the grill sides which makes it easy to pull the grilling bars through and scrape off any excess meat etc. that has spilled and stuck to the grill bars.

The main fire bowl is quite a lot more fiddly to clean though, and I found the best way to clean it was straight after use, wiping down with a cloth [especially if any cooking fat or meat has dropped into it] and then just soaking for a little while before drying off.

The disassembly was as quick as putting it all together and, for those in a hurry, you’re off on your way in no time.

With this type of equipment the only way to really see how it performs is to see it in action

– so this is my video review below –

Performance wise – well, it does exactly what is says on the tin..!

As you can see in the video, the fire bowl is an excellent way to contain your fire in one compact area, maintaining fuel and heat at the same time – with a really clever way to fold it down to a compact little unit after use and the grill works well, but best of all, folds down into one easy to carry tube.


Can’t really fault this neat bit of kit – if you’re after something to give that real outdoors BBQ cooking feeling, thats easy to carry in your rucksack and hassle free, then this is the bit of kit for you.