How To Make A Camp Fire With One Log

Bushcraft Skills:
How To Make A Camp Fire With One Log

Being out in the wild can be summed up in one word - a camp fire.  Having a glowing camp fire is natures TV.  It's a source of great psychological comfort and reassurance. And epitomises the great outdoors.

There are, of course, hundreds of different ways to build a camp fire, and all of them quite acceptable and perfectly OK in their own right.

But in this article I want to cover How To Make A Camp Fire With One Log.  

Yes, just one log that will give you the ability to cook a meal and doesn't need constant attention and refilling.​

You only need basic cutting tools to make this stove and it is a perfect little confined stove cooker and camp fire.​

This is my "How To" Video for the Swedish Log Fire / Wood Rocket Stove

Steve Hart UK Prepper

I'm sure you will agree, this is a handy little wood stove to learn how to make.

As bushcraft skills are so much a part of prepping, why not get out there and have a go.....

Happy prepping folks.​

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    • Ade on September 10, 2018 at 2:47 pm
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    Fab video Steve, veeeeery informative and field useful

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