How To Make Char Cloth For Prepping Bushcraft And Survival

Basic Survival Skills:
How To Make Char Cloth For Prepping Bushcraft And Survival

A camp fire is one of the most basic necessities for survival, and there are many ways to make one.  The hardest part has always been how to actually get the fire started in the first place.

Using dry tinder that will catch a spark, creating an ember from which to build on is essential.  But there are times when gathering dry tinder is not possible, making starting the fire very difficult.​

One certain way to ​create such an ember is to use a high carbon material that will not only catch a spark, but retain an ember, suitable for starting a fire, and for a long enough time to get things started.

Charred cloth is ​one such medium that is very suitable for this purpose. So in this article I want to show exactly how to make char cloth for prepping, bushcraft and survival.

How To Make Char Cloth For Prepping Bushcraft And Survival

The whole process in very simple requiring only three components:

  • Strips of 100% natural fibre cotton
  • A small metal container with sealed lid
  • Heat source:  open camp fire with hot embers

This is my quick video of how I make my charcloth over an open camp fire.

Steve Hart UK Prepper

This is a worthwhile bushcraft technique to learn, giving you an alternative method to create an ember for fire starting.

A small tin of charcloth weighs next to nothing and is very compact.  You could easily add one to your bugout bag kit without any problem at all, giving yet another surefire way of starting a much needed camp fire.

Happy Prepping Folks.​

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