Make time to prepare for a Doomsday Scenario

You DO have the time to be a UK prepper

make time

Preparedness in the UK is on the increase as more and more people become aware of how easy it would be for a Dooms Day scenario too happen.

To start becoming a prepper you need to set aside a little time to do your prepping. But most people think they dont have that time… WRONG..

Lets work out how much prepping you can do in the time you say you havnt got.

How much time a day do you waste – playing about on the computer, watching the news or just siting around.? the odd 30mins, an hour maybe.??

Well work it out: Just watching the news or watching some mind numbing sitcom for a total of 1 hour a day will mean you have just wasted over 45 x 8 hour working days.!

That’s a lot of potential UK prepping time – so you DO have the time to become a UK Prepper.

So why not make a plan and start your prepping today – 

What are your thoughts on this ———