Revive H2O Portable Water Filter Bottle Review

Safe Drinking Water From The Revive H2O Portable Water Filter Bottle

Under 2p Per Litre For Safe, Clean Drinking Water
- a water filter bottle is a must for any prepper -

Today I'm reviewing a new water filter bottle that has just come onto the prepping market and, as usual in my reviews I will be putting it to a full test and seeing if it comes up to our normal high standards for prepping equipment.

Firstly, my take on portable water filter bottles - we need them..!  Simple as that.
They are the perfect companion for hunkering down and a definite must for any bug out situation.
In fact, don't leave home without one. If your out practising your bushcraft skills or just on leisurely hike, always have a means to drink safe, clean water with you.

Steve Hart UK Preppers Guide

Here's What You Get With
The Revive H2O 
All Purpose Water Filter Bottle

The full kit contains:

  • 1x 650ml blue transparent water bottle
  • 1x screw top with drinking straw mouthpiece
  • 1x drink lid seal with lanyard attachment
  • 1x H2O micro filter 
  • 1x compact squeeze bottle bag
  • 1x squeeze bottle drinking cap and seal
  • 1x additional belt carry carabina

The main bottle is comprised of three sections:

- Bottle container - 650 ml
- Screw on lid with saleable drinking nozzle
- Removable main water filter

The main bottle also has a handy strap and carabiner to secure the bottle with.

There has definitely been some thought put into this filter bottle, as it has all the features you would expect and more.
To start with the bottle has a large open neck making collecting water very easy, as easy as one scoop and its full, might seem irrelevant, but very handy.

The system of seals makes this a very watertight bottle, again very necessary and pretty much leak proof.

£27   -   1500 litrs

There is also a very good addition of a compact, lightweight squeeze bag which simply screws onto the main filter.

This extra item now gives you choices when considering weight and size in your backpack. (for those who go 'ultra light').

A good idea really as it will fold down to a very small size and could even be carried in your pocket.

The squeeze bag is going to be ideal for children and toddlers who would find it hard to suck through the nozzle.
Simply squeezing the bag allows the water to flow - also ideal for filtering water for cooking.

The choice is yours whether you carry either one or both. They will both work to give you a container to hold the 'unfiltered' water in.

About The Water Filter

The filter itself is 175mm long by 35mm diameter and comprises of the carbon filter at the top, and the UF hollow fibre filter at the bottom.
It then fits into the drink cap by simply pushing in and seals via two O rings.

The double seal is very good and requires a little bit of clean water around the seals to ensure it slides in cleanly and fully.

Filter Specifications 

Shown above:  A nice little touch - the drinking lid includes a built-in button compass.

Shown above:  The two part filter assembled and fitted to the drinking lid.

  • Removes 99.9% of water borne parasitic protozoa and bacteria.
  • Blocks ALL particles above 0.2 microns
  • Carbon filter softens water and removes odour
  • 1500 litres of water filtration when properly maintained
  • Filter has passed SGS, FDA and BPA Free tests.
  • Filter can be easily removed to use the bottle for drinks other than water if required.

Shown below: two part filter disassembled.

The Revive H2O Filter Water Bottle uses a coconut activated carbon filter as well as the latest hollow fibre UF membrane filter technology.

The two filters are simply pressed together and seal with 'o' rings.

The top part, the carbon filter helps to also soften tap water and improve the taste.

In the area where I live, there is a noticeable odour to our tap water - when I tested it, the H2O definitely removed the funny smells.

The Revive H2O
was the perfect water filter to take with me on a hike
here's my review video.

As you can see in my video, this water filter is certainly something well worth considering for your survival kit - it will work perfectly at home or in the wild.

I think the capacity of 1500 litres of clean, safe, drinkable water for under £27 is a fantastic price.

Realistically, if you used this every day, and filter 4 litres of water per day, it is going to last you one whole year.!!

That fact alone should be enough to convince you to buy one - actual cost is 1.8p per litre....!

Add that to its versatility of being able to give you that safe drinking water from any old puddle, pond or water source just laying around, definitely makes this a 'must have' prepper buy.   

Steve Hart UK Preppers Guide

This is a seriously good bit of prepping and survival kit. 
I now use my H2O water filter bottle on all my hiking and camp trips.

Availability & Latest Prices Here:

Revive H2O All Purpose Filter Water Bottle

Happy Prepping Folks.


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    • Terry on June 1, 2017 at 7:18 am
    • Reply

    I purchased two of these bottles for my daughter and a friend for travelling to Thailand. They could not get these to work properly. Is there a trick to it as very little water is forthcoming after sucking like a maniac! They returned to me to figure them out and I cannot either…any tips?

    • Uncle Tom on August 10, 2016 at 4:55 pm
    • Reply

    Another great review Steve – thank you.

    I like the look of this filter very much, especially at 2p a litre!

    Ordered 2….

    Thanks again, Tom

    • Simon on August 8, 2016 at 4:50 pm
    • Reply

    I have bought this bottle and it is defiantly one of the better filter bottles out there.
    I use it all the time at work and around the house – it is very good.
    I travel around the country and you never know how bad the tap water is going to be!!!

    Using this bottle I get constant results and taste each time.
    Very good product…

    Thanks for a great site as well.


      • Terry on June 1, 2017 at 7:20 am
      • Reply

      Hey simon ,is there a trick to getting this too flow properly, I am not getting very much water out but sucking like crazy

    • Charlotte on July 29, 2016 at 1:33 pm
    • Reply

    Really glad I found this site. Thanks Steve

    • Christine Thomas on June 18, 2016 at 11:43 am
    • Reply

    a brilliant site and much needed.

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