Simple Bushcraft Fire Lighting Kit

What Makes A Good, Simple, Bushcraft Fire Lighting Kit

Keeping your Bug Out Bag Kit simple and effective is very important. It makes room for more equipment to be carried.

So the importance of an effective, Simple Bushcraft Fire Lighting Kit is something not to be underestimated.

As preppers you will always have more than one way to do things. Which means you will have several ways to help you light a fire.

fire using a fatwood stick

Probably the simplest and easiest to use is the good old fashioned lighter.
Nothing too difficult there really, except a lighter will, of course, eventually run out of fuel, or even break and stop functioning.
All a risk, but generally a lighter is a good choice to carry with you, especially as it gives you a means to instantly light fire.
Although a lighter is not thought of as a 'bushcraft' tool, it is still there on the preppers list.

However,when you move into the realms of bushcraft for your survival, you are now opening up a huge amount of possibilities.

From the very basic and ancient methods of using a Flint & Steel to create sparks, or using Fire By Friction methods such as a Bow Drill or Hand Drill.

These old methods all work well once mastered.
But mastering them can take a while, but with practice (normally a lot of practice), once learnt they are essential stand by methods and something well worth learning to add to your prepping arsenal.

flint and steel fire lighting

see my full Flint & Steel article here:

Over the years I have toyed with different methods to create a simple bushcraft fire lighting kit that is as near to 100% effective as possible:  

This is my own kit:

As you can see, it consists of just three parts:

  • Ferrocerium Rod
  • Steel Striker
  • Fatwood (lighter wood)

All held together with a length of 550 paracord to keep it safe.

fatwood fire starter kit

What is Ferrocerium Rod?

A ferrocium rod is a man made metal alloy, also know as Mischmetal.
In essence it is a mixture of various elements, Namely:
Iron 19%
Cerium 38%
Lanthanum 22%
Neodymium 4%
Praseodymium 4%
Magnesium 4%

When you quickly remove small shavings from a Ferro Rod, the heat that can be generated is enough to cause those shavings to ignite.
Converting the metal to oxide, resulting in sparks which is tiny bits of burning metal.
These sparks can be up to 3000 deg C for as fraction of a second.

ferro rod sticks
ferro rod with paracord

What is a Steel Striker?

The steel fire striker works by pushing along the ferro rod to produce hot sparks.
Ideally a striker should be a high carbon 01 or 02 steel. This will give good sparks.

I have used an old file before now and these will give a good pray of hot sparks, as will an old hack saw blade.

ferro rod fire starter

What is Fatwood?

Fatwood is known by many different names: Fat Igniter, Lighter Wood, Rich Lighter, Heart Pine to name a few.

Essentially Fatwood is sourced from the sap of coniferous trees, within the sap found in these trees is a viscous liquid containing terpene, which is a volatile compound.
Over time that terpene hardens and gets thicker and harder forming into a resin.

Due to the exceptional flammability of the terpene, fatwood is sort after for use as kindling in starting fires.
It will light quickly even if it is wet, it's also very wind resistant, and will burn hot enough to light larger pieces of wood.


My Fire Lighting Kit In Action:

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