Solar Cooker For Preppers and Survival

This could Be The Best Solar Cooker
For Preppers And Survival Ever..!!

In the past I have been out, in the woods, trying out new bushcraft and survival skills and often thought that watching over my food to make sure it doesn't burn, can take up a lot of my time.

Although I do like a nice camp fire, and really enjoy cooking over an open fire, it really isn't a 'time productive' way to prepare a meal when theres so many 'other' thins to be getting on with.

I know the open camp fire is at the very heart of survival and bushcraft, but sometimes you have just got to move into the 21st century.! Hence I decided to try out (and review) the GoSun Portable Solar Grill:

Enjoying a nice camp fire.

Cooking meals when there's no power or any fuel source available is obviously a big problem.

So turning to a free, readily available source of energy can only be a good idea.

There are only really two working parts to the GoSun - the polished 'parabolic' curved metal reflectors, and the main cooking tube.
The cook tube is the heart of this system and is made from heat proof Borosilicate glass.

Now, I don't really know what 'Borosilicate glass' is, so if your a bit of a boffin and want to know more - here's the link to some Wikipedia info: What is Borosilicate glass

What I do know, however, is the glass tube get very hot inside. Up to 550 DegF ( 280 DegC ) - now that's more than enough to cook meat and any other food - it actually works out around 230 Watts in full sunlight.

Traditional meat cooking method:

cooking game over open fire

The meal I cook in the review video is chicken with vegetables. Two nice sized chicken breasts and fresh vegetables, nothing pre-cooked.

I could just as well of used any meat and, in a survival situation, a freshly caught rabbit or fresh fish would be ideal for this cooker.

But, I must say, it was far easier than the normal bushcraft  method for cooking rabbit..!!

Here is an example of typical cooking times, 
relevant to the amount of sunshine time, 
using the GoSun Sport Solar Cooker.

My Video Review Of The
GoSun Solar Cooker

Click here for latest prices:  GoSun Portable Solar Grill:

As you can see in the video,
the GoSun Solar Cooker performed perfectly
and cooked a very good meal, without any interference from me...

In a survival situation, where your time is of the up-most importance, a cooker that can just be left on its own is a great asset to have with you.

I am sure with a little more use and practice at cooking different meals, I could become quite accurate at estimating the cooking times as well.

I think the GoSun is a piece of 21st century technology that we can all use to our advantage, and is versatile enough to be used for many situations, and not just whilst out camping. 

Click here for latest prices:  GoSun Portable Solar Grill:

I can see this cooker being a preppers dream in a SHTF situation, or in a lesser situation, you could make very good use of it during a power outage.

The amazing thing about it is it will still cook on cloudy days..! Granted, it's going to take longer, but if you have no power source it's going to be your number one choice.

Obviously hiking and camping are two other areas where it will come into its own over conventional camp cooking methods - I'm not a great lover of the dehydrated food packs, although they do have their place in prepping, but for a couple of days camping you could easily carry some provisions to cook up a pretty decent meal.

The unit itself cost just under £250, which, when you consider what your getting, and how versatile the GoSun is, I think that's not a bad price.

5 stars - this is a very good cooking method for prepping and a great survival stove.

I would say this is well worth the investment and it is something that the more you use, the more success you will get.

My next trip out in the wild will definitely include the GoSun 

Happy Prepping Folks, Steve


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    • B on October 6, 2016 at 10:20 am
    • Reply

    Very good! I’ve been looking at fresnel lenses for cooking, but worry about burning myself or my eyes, looking at what I’m doing!
    But glad to find you doing work with a solar cooker because that says we can cook at uk latitudes, which I wasn’t at all sure about! Have you found any data on that, whether we’re near the limit this far north, and is it possible in winter sun?


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